Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

The year 2019 is coming to an end and it is time to look back on a very exciting time for ELECTROSTAR.

Dear customers and business partners,

a turbulent year is behind us. With the move from Reichenbach to Ebersbach we were able to complete a large project and set an important milestone for our future. The past year we have summarized in a starmix/haaga poem for you. In addition, our
popular starmix christmas gnome from last year's christmas video made his comeback. What he cooks up this year can be found in the video below. Enjoy reading and watching!

Instead of Christmas presents, we are again donating to the organization Sea Shepherd Germany e. V.. They work tirelessly for protecting the habitat of the sea and its animals with the aim of countering the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems.

We thank you for your trust in our company and look forward to a good and successful cooperation.

We wish you and your loved ones much joy and relaxing hours on the Christmas holidays and for the New Year a good start, good health and good luck with all your upcoming plans and projects.

Best regards for Christmas

Roman Gorovoy

Unterschrift Roman Gorovoy, Geschäftsführung



starmix Weihnachtsbaum

The year is over – it's that time again
Starmix and Haaga are looking forward to the Christmas glam.
With dimmed lights and a decorated Christmas tree
we enjoy the starmix mulled wine party.


Die letzten Geräte laufen vom Band.

The last products are coming off the line
ready to be shipped to you in its great design.
Then, at the end of the year still the inventory to be done
that's a lot of jump and run.

starmix Büro Uhr

We take our time and look back for an exciting year:
it has succeeded – what a cheer!
Reichenbach and Kirchheim have been our homes for many years,
now we take off without any fears.

Neue Bürofläche in Ebersbach

With heart, sweat and many boxes in our hand
we came to Ebersbach to expand.
The new location is modern and chic
and we love to work here, what a kick!


Now the economy is cooling down,
and a rough wind blows in town.
Yet, with great new products and top quality,
together we will master every new opportunity.

starmix & Haaga Logo

Haaga sweepers clean everything big and small,
whatever it is, we can do it at all.
With vacuum cleaners, hand and hair dryers
our starmix brand has many admirers.


The year 2020, we will tackle it,
the next vacuum cleaners will be a hit.
But let's keep the element of surprise right now,
we have a lot of ideas and good know-how.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and some relaxed days,
with your loved ones and good food in a beautiful place.
We thank you for everything, we cheer,
and wish you a happy and successful NewYear!

Watch the Christmas video now »