Order no. 436449
Cassette filter TS EPA E 12

Filter for dry vacuuming

TS EPA E 12, the specia filter for the dry vacuum cleaner TS 714 RTS HEPA. Also suitable for TS 1214.

Order no. 420592
NFB Wet filter bag

Wet filter bag NFB

Wet filter bag can be used for wet vacuuming (3 pcs. = 1 set). -> for IS 50l container and NSG/GS-series with 45l and 55l container

Order no. 436067
TS cassette filter

Cassette filter TS for TS 1214 RTS

Foam filter inlet for dry vacuum cleaner TS 1214 RTS

Order no. 424569
FSN 1000 Wet filter bag mesh size 1000 µ

Wet filter bag FSN 1000

Wet filter bag made from (Polyethylenterephthalat), mesh size 1000µ, suitable for coarse water filters, e.g. for vacuuming ponds/algae, leaves etc., can be used several times, since it can be washed out..

Order no. 424071
FSN 80 Wet filter bag Mesh size 80 µ

Wet filter bag FSN 80

Wet filter bag Nassfiltersack made from polyamide fabric, mesh size 80µ, suitable for water filters, can be used several times since it can be washed out. -> included in the scope of delivery of the pump vacuum cleaner

Order no. 432410
WF 3200 water filter

Water filter WF 3200 for GS 2078 / 3078

Water filter can be used for wet vacuuming. -> Only for GS 2078 + GS 3078

Order no. 413297
FSS 1200 Foam filter

Foam filter FSS 1200

Foam filter for vacuuming water, filter surface area 1200 cm². -> For NSG/NTS/HS/GS/AS-series. Not suitable for GS 2078/3078.