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NSG „uClean“ Serie

Stefan A. about the new starmix NSG uClean:

„Spilled drilling emulsion? No problem with this wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Also blowing dirt out of joints works excellent when using the blowing function. The uClean ensures a totally clean work area for the next day.“

Uwe S. about the new starmix NSG uClean:

„It's absolutely fantastic how much suction power this appliance has. Even damp, stubborn dirt in my light well was no problem at all for the uClean with coarse dirt accessories. In future I will only use starmix, I wouldn't have managed that with my other vacuum cleaner!“

NTS „eSwift“ Serie

Karl S. about the Starmix eSwift:

“Water in the garage? So what?! Vacuum cleaner out, plug in, vacuum. Everything‘s dry in no time at all. I‘m amazed how quickly it‘s all vacuumed up. The container is easy to empty and the supplied water hose is top notch.“

Doris S. about the Starmix eSwift:

„The eSwift is a super-lightweight, easily manageable unit. It takes up very little space, can be stored anywhere and vacuums like crazy! All the crumbs, small stones, dust and other dirt that nobody wants in their car is no problem at all!“