Folded filter cassettes FKPN 3000 NANO
Order no. 425740

Folded filter cassettes FKPN 3000 NANO

2 x nano-coated polyester folded filter cassettes with insertion rib filter material IFA (BIA) tested in accordance with dust class "M"
– Filter surface area: 6000 cm 2
– Material: nano-layered polyester
– Dust retention: 99.9%
As with folded filter cassette FKP 4300, but with additional nanocoating.
Especially suited to fine dusts containing fibre; e.g. when cutting and sanding Fermacell, drywall and MDF boards.
Depending on the type of dust Safety vacuum cleaner must be used.
+ greater fold distance for better, easier filter cleaning
+ smooth filter material (nano coated surface)
+ therefore significantly higher flow volume for a longer time

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