Industrial vacuum cleaner - GS 3078 PZ

Special cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry) with steel tank and 3 motors

Industrial vacuum cleaner of the GS series for cleaning large surfaces and machines

The special cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry) for large surfaces and machines is characterized by a large steel container, 3 powerful motors for maximum suction power as well as proverbial robustness and durability. Equipped with tilting chassis and driving handle as well as application-oriented accessories, the unit offers real support for demanding cleaning jobs. 
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Accessories set 1x suction hose, ø 35 mm x 3.2 m (Art. No. 413228); 1x handle tube, stainless steel with secondary air slide (Art. No. 421445); 2x suction tube, stainless steel (50 cm each) (Art. No. 424842); 1x crevice nozzle (37 cm long) (Art. No. 417028); 1x suction brush (Art. No. 418032); 1x professional floor nozzle 45 with bristle and rubber strips (Art. No. 416519)
Filter bag FBV 45-78 (5Pack) Art. No. 435039
Additional filter 1 x Polyester filter bag FSP 3100, Art. no. 413501
Main filter FPP 3200 (polyester), dust retention: 99.8 %, part no. 413525
Impulse filter cleaning no
Speed controller no
Noise insulated no
Appliance socket no
Carrying handle with cable hook/ hose fixation yes/no
Soft start/run-on no
Water level detection yes
Tilt chassis yes
Accessories depot no
Antistatic prepared no
Power consumption (max.) 3600 watt
Volume flow (max.) 3 x 54 = 162 l/s (3 motors)
Negative pressure (max.) 205 mbar
Tank volume (max.) Gross dust-water 78/57/50; steel container
Sound pressure level 79 dB(A)
Dimensions 61.5 x 63 x 97 cm
Weight 26.0 kg
Mains cable length 8.5 m (PVC)
Action radius 11.7 m - 12.7 m

Advantages at a glance

These cleaning vacuum cleaner models have 2 or 3 bypass motors that bring the device in total to 2,400 or 3,600 watts! More volume flow is generated and thus an even better suction power is achieved. 


The GS series vacuums are equipped with a tilting chassis and a comfortable driving handle. A real support for demanding cleaning jobs.


Ideally suited for use when vacuuming water. Retains coarse dirt.


Pneumatic water level detection. As soon as the filling level is reached during water suction, the suction flow is interrupted.


The power pack for the rough work

Robust, durable and extremely powerful: this is what characterizes the cleaning vacuums of the GS series. These vacuum cleaners, specifically developed for cleaning large areas and machines, offer particularly large containers and chassis that meet the requirements. In combination with special accessory sets, the GS cleaning vacuum masters every challenge in daily work. 

About the GS-series


Folded filter cardridge FPP 3200
Pleated filter cartridge polyester for GS 2078/3078
FSP 3100
Polyester filter bag
Hose 35-320
Suction hose Ø 35 mm, length 3.2 m
Handle tube ES 35 with NL
Stainless steel handle tube with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
Suction tube ES 35-50
Suction tube stainless steel Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
Joint nozzle 37
Plastic joint nozzle 37 cm long
Suction brush, round
Suction brush round Ø 7.5 cm
Professional floor nozzle 45
Professional floor nozzle 45 cm wide
FS travel nozzle
FS Travel nozzle for use with GS 2078/3078
WF 3200 water filter
WF 3200 water filter for GS 2078 / 3078