ISP „iPulse“ Series

iPulse H-1235 Asbest Safe Plus

iPulse H-1235 Asbest Safe Plus

Safety vacuum cleaner for the construction site and workshop "Safe Plus". With Smartfix (rail for systainer connection), 2 velcros, antistatic hose. For the toughest heavy-duty continuous use. For connection to the powertool and direct vacuuming during drilling, milling, grinding and sawing, concrete, plaster, stone, cement, wood, paints and varnishes (hazardous dust, dust class "H-Asbestos"). A highly intelligent electronics measure the current occupancy state of the filter (pressure difference meassurement "PDM"). Once the factory preset vacuum value is reached, both of the filters are alternately cleaned within 3.5 seconds using high performance electromagnets, without interrupting work. Even the most fine and problematic particles of dusts - such as plaster - can be easily removed from the filters.

Benefit: cleaning according to requirements at constantly high air flow, significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter life, saves time and costs.

Spare parts

iPulse H-1235 Asbest Safe PlusiPulse backside, accessory storageiPulse hose fixationiPulse rotary vane: The conversion from a fleece filter bag to PE bags requires different air conditions in the container. The new starmix rotary vane provides an optimal dust-filling capacity.With the handle bar there's no problem anymore to overcome stairs.iPulse with UNIFIX adapter plate (optional)Made in GermanyVideoVideo
Order no.018645
Scope of delivery
Filter bag3 unit special PE emptying bag (asbestos), art. no. 425757 (5 unit pack)
Main filterFKP 3800 HEPA H14 Advanced (Polyester) Staubrückhaltevermögen 99,995%, Art.-Nr. 459264
Pulse filter cleaningyes, iPulse
Appliance socketyes
Speed controller2-level
Filter control lightno
Blowing functionno
Carry handle with cable hookyes
Hose fixingyes
Hose winding and connector fixtureyes
Volume flow selector switch / hose øyes
Signal tone if volume flow is too lowyes
Rotary slide for use of the PE emptying bagyes
Fastener for intake nozzleyes
Gentle startyes
Water level detectionyes
Antistatic preparedyes
Push handleyes
Accessory storageyes
Container materialplastic
Technical specifications
Power consumption (max.)1200 Watt
Volume flow (max.) measured at the motor head70 l/s
Volume flow (max.) measured at the end of the hose40 l/s
Vacuum (max.) measured at the motor head265 mbar
Vacuum (max.) measured at the end of the hose230 mbar
Container volume (max.) Gross-Dust-Water35/25/22 l
Sound pressure level69.0 db(A)
Dimensions L/W/H66 x 40 x 92 cm
Weight16.8 kg
Power cable length8 (rubber, H07RN-F), red m
Reach13 m
Adapterplatte UNIFIX


Adapter plate UNIFIX
Adapter for mounting tool boxes "Systainer" and "L-BOXX"


Optional assessories

The Advantages at a glance

  • DDM: constant monitoring of the filter layers
  • Cleaning with 300-times gravitational strength
  • Filter cleaning in 3.5 sec.
  • Strong suction performance without interruption
  • High performance motor for higher vacuum and volume flow

"iPulse" - the first vacuum cleaner in its class with differential pressure measurement.

Intelligent electronics measure the suction before and after the filter (DDM). As soon as a difference suction value set at the factory is reached, the impulse filter cleaning switches on automatically and cleans both filter cassettes for 3.5 seconds, one after the other, with electromagnetic shock. Even problematic dust such as plaster cannot stand the forces at work - over 300-times the force of gravity (300 g).

Easy filter change.

Easier and cleaner access to the filter cassettes. No contact with dirt or dust when changing the filter.

Double-walled container.

Impact-resistant, extremely robust construction. Simple and quick to empty due to smooth interior walls. Very stable with large wheels and castors.

High user comfort.

Integrated accessory compartment on the container with storage compartments for hoses and nozzles. Easy replacement of the connection lead in the handle.

High net volume.

As the filter is attached parallel to the motor axle, almost the entire container volume is available.