Safety vacuum cleaner

Harmful fine dusts? With our class M, H and H asbestos safety vacuum cleaners, you no longer have to worry!
Especially when working in construction, hazardous fine dusts are produced that can have a detrimental effect on our health. Drilling, milling, grinding or sawing often result in very high dust emissions.
To prevent these dust particles from finding their way directly into your respiratory tract and lungs unfiltered, we take special care to ensure that our products provide you with the best possible protection and support.

The ideal solution: Preventing dust formation in good time - by using powerful starmix safety vacuums, which retain the dust particles in the device and only release clean filtered air.Weniger lesen

Special features of our safety vacuum cleaners

Minimize dust exposure

The aim of our safety vacuums is to prevent uncontrolled dust generation around the user. Our safety vacuum cleaners extract the dust particles directly at the point of origin, the power tool, and filter them out of the aspirated air via dust class M or H filters.

Safe disposal

With our PE emptying bags or M-class certified filter bags, the collected suction material can be removed from the suction container and disposed of with a simple handle.

Ergonomic transport

Thanks to ergonomic handlebars, our vacuum cleaners can be transported and operated in a way that is easy on the back. Incidentally, every iPulse can be retrofitted at any time if it is not equipped with a driving handle from the factory.

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When you buy a safety vacuum cleaner of dust class M, H, or H-asbestos, you can receive a subsidy from BG Bau of up to € 300.

Save up to 300 € with the BG construction subsidy

Receive up to 300 € promotion when buying a BATRIX M 36-18V

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This is how you receive your subsidy as a BG Bau member

In order to receive a subsidy, you can submit your invoice together with the application for reimbursement to BG Bau after your purchase. As soon as the application is approved, you will be reimbursed for the specified portion of the purchase price.

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Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC BATRIX M 36-18V
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner for class M dusts. Up to 100 minutes running time. Up to 300 € BG-Bau promotion.
EUR899.00* EUR1,129.31*
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse h-1235 Asbestos Safe Plus
Safety vacuum cleaner of dust class H-asbestos, with professional equipment
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse H-1635 Safe Plus
Dust class H safety vacuum cleaner with professional equipment
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse M-1635 Safe
Safety vacuum cleaner with Permanent-Clean filter cleaning, dust class M and basic equipment
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse M-1635 Safe Plus
Safety vacuum cleaner of dust class M, with professional equipment