Haaga Akkubetriebene Handkehrmaschine von Electrostar

Battery powered hand sweeper

Haaga battery operated hand sweeper from Electrostar - powerful and versatile.

A battery sweeper is the perfect everyday helper when it comes to cleaning exterior or interior surfaces. With maximum efficiency, even larger areas can be cleaned effortlessly without having to use muscle power. Thanks to the rotating side brushes, the coarser dirt particles are captured first. Then dust, fine chips and more are catapulted into the dirt collection container by the additionally attached sweeping roller. Be it gravel or grit, small stones, twigs, broken glass, paper or cigarettes - the battery-powered sweeper ensures sparkling clean surfaces. Even beverage cans can be removed effortlessly, depending on the model.

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Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 677 Profi
Battery-powered sweeper with 77 cm sweeping width. Disc brushes and fine dirt sweeping roller. Can also be used with an empty battery.
Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 697 Profi
Battery-powered sweeper with 97 cm sweeping width. Disc broom and fine dirt sweeping roller. Can also be used with an empty battery.
Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 697 Profi Plus
Battery-powered sweeper with 97 cm sweeping width. 2 disc brushes and 1 fine dirt sweeping roller. With soft grip.
Hand sweeper DuroSweep 77 Pro 18V
For regular professional use for very large areas up to 3,600 m².

FAQ - brought to the point

With a battery hand sweeper from starmix this is no problem. You can simply finish sweeping! In daily practice, however, you should not use this option permanently, as this could lead to increased wear.

The service life depends to a large extent on how your battery-powered hand sweeper is used. With regular charging after each use, approximately 550 charging cycles are possible. Make sure that the average depth of discharge does not fall below 50%, so that you can enjoy the battery of your hand sweeper for a long time. Depending on the condition of the surface, you can sweep for up to about 90 minutes with one battery charge.

If the sweeper is not used for a longer period of time, such as in winter, you should disconnect the battery cable. If the sweeper is to be stored for more than two months, this will prevent the battery from becoming deeply discharged.

Why a battery powered hand sweeper?

Clean paths and surfaces - trust in the professionalism of a battery hand sweeper from starmix.

Compared to a manual sweeper, a battery sweeper achieves a significantly higher area performance. Especially in case of larger areas to be cleaned, the battery operated version proves to be the ideal solution. With a battery-powered manual sweeper, you can clean a wide variety of surfaces. Asphalt, concrete, linoleum, flagstones and even carpeted floors shine clean and tidy after cleaning. The drive of the battery hand sweeper is a real power pack and particularly environmentally friendly. No exhaust fumes are produced and the fine dust emission is also marginal. The noise level is also very low, so you can even use your hand sweeper in places with public traffic.