Our responsibility for more sustainability

Part of our guidelines is sustainable, responsible action in the areas of employees, partners, quality, safety and the environment.  

"Here I am a human being, here I am allowed to be." According to this quotation from Goethe, we also want our employees to develop.

We have therefore put together a comprehensive package that provides our employees with the best possible support in feeling comfortable with us, in being able to develop and in knowing that their work is valued.

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Mutual respect and responsibility

We also follow this principle in our dealings with our partners. Long-term relationships with suppliers and customers are therefore our declared goal. In our actions and decisions we also consider the effects in the external relationship and the interests of our partners.

Also outside the interests of starmix, we are committed to the society. We support many regional associations, donate annually to social projects, and we support employees who are socially engaged themselves.

Quality is our promise

The continuous improvement of our products is a matter of honor. Therefore, we are not satisfied with simple standards, but set ourselves the goal to inspire our customers with our products. Regular audits both internally and by external bodies guarantee the highest quality

Service and "serving the customer" are our focus

Starting with a long warranty, over high availability of spare parts and equipment, up to personal consultation. We have summarized all important information in our service area.

for the protection of our customers

Part of our mission is to make work easier for our customers and to protect their health.

Our equipment ensures sustainably clean construction sites and healthier working conditions, thus making a targeted contribution to environmental protection and occupational safety.

for the protection of the environment

We comply with both the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) and the European Chemicals Regulation (REACH).

Some of the processed parts in our products are already made from reclaimed materials. For our other parts, we have always preferred high quality materials, and work with 100% recyclable plastics.

Selling to throw away is not part of the starmix philosophy. Our products are characterized by very high durability, which helps to protect the environment, and this since 1921.

We also rely on regional suppliers and exclude products from child labor.

Our factory in Ebersbach an der Fils, is furnished and equipped to the most modern, energy-efficient standard.