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Especially when working on construction sites, the creation of harmful dirt and dust is unavoidable. But dust is more than just annoying dirt, it damages the lungs and therefore our health permanently.
With a vacuum cleaner for construction sites - a so-called construction dust extractor - this dust can be extracted directly at the point of origin and does not enter the ambient air in the first place.

There are many colloquial names for construction dust extractors:
Construction vacuum cleaners, construction site vacuum cleaners, trade vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, industrial (dust) vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, safety vacuum cleaners, workshop vacuum cleaners, etc.

However, not all vacuum cleaners for construction sites are equally suitable and legally permissible for use on commercial construction sites as construction dust extractors (safety vacuum cleaners) are. In addition to the technical performance data and the functionality of the appliance, the most elementary selection criterion is its performance with hazardous dusts.

Performance & functions

Technical performance of the construction dust extractors:

The construction dust extractors are very powerful and are manufactured by starmix from particularly robust materials and designs. In contrast to conventional vacuum cleaners, they also have a warning device that gives a visual and audible warning if the volume flow exceeds a critical value for air flow monitoring (e.g. if coarse dirt particles reduce the hose diameter). This warning indicates that the dust emissions from the connected power tool are no longer being sufficiently extracted and that there is an increased dust load for the user.

Much more important for professionals, however, is how the vacuum cleaner behaves with hazardous dusts, as this is where poor performance causes the most disadvantages for the user.


Main features of a construction dust extractor

  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Approved for dust class M (EN 60335-2-69, Annex AA) or higher
  • Equipment suitable for coarse dirt, smallest inner suction diameter 28 mm
  • Equipped with sturdy mains cable (type H 07 RN-F)
  • Washable filters for long service life
  • Damp dirt-resistant fleece removal bag or plastic disposal bag
  • Container size min. 20 l (net size)
  • Fully automatic filter cleaning or warning device for increased extraction volumes
  • Tested with power tool with high removal rate
  • Robust chassis
  • Antistatic preparation

The construction dust extractors from starmix are designed for extraction directly at the power tool. This means that the dust is captured directly at the point of origin and does not get into the air in the first place.

The key to maximum freedom of movement and safety when working with dust extractors and power tools is to operate the power tools directly via a socket integrated into the dust extractor.

The advantage of a starmix dust extractor: Our dust extractors work with power tools from various manufacturers!

It is very important to use the right construction dust extractor when working with dust in order to protect your health. In addition to the features mentioned above, the dust classes can be used as a guide when selecting and making the right decision.

Vacuum cleaner performance for dust

With professional appliances, the user should pay particular attention to 1. effective filter cleaning and 2. effective dust filtration (e.g. certified dust class) before purchasing. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff and determines the quality of a vacuum cleaner.

Which vacuum cleaner is right for me?

1. filter cleaning

The most important key function of a vacuum cleaner is filter cleaning, as a dirty filter directly on the suction hose leads to reduced suction power. If the filter becomes "clogged", even with a powerful suction turbine, there is a risk that the user will be left standing in a cloud of dust, especially when working with a high volume of dust or dust that is hazardous to health. Effective filter cleaning technology, in which starmix has played a pioneering role for years, therefore makes all the difference in vacuum cleaners.

2. dust filtration & tested dust classes

The quality of dust filtration is officially indicated by the three dust classes L, M and H (DIN EN 60335-2-69). Construction dust extractors in dust classes M & H are considered safety vacuum cleaners and are therefore explicitly required by law for dust-generating work on demanding construction sites. The dust class indicates the type of work or type of dust for which the construction dust extractor may be used.
When used correctly, M vacuum cleaners are considered "low-dust" and H vacuum cleaners "dust-free".

Dust class L - slightly hazardous dust (low hazardous dust):

Common, simple and harmless dusts such as house dust- and materials such as earth, plaster or lime. The dusts have OELs of > 1 mg/m³. The filter material is tested for L vacuum cleaners. The maximum degree of permeability is less than 1%. There are no special disposal regulations..

The use of vacuum cleaners of the lower dust class "L" is not permitted on construction sites and will be penalized by the BG Bau.

Dust class M - medium hazardous dust:

All wood dusts as well as dusts from filler, filler and paint, cement, concrete, tile adhesive and paints such as latex and oil paints or quartz-containing materials such as sand and pebbles. The AGWs here are > 0.1 mg/m³. M vacuum cleaners are tested by the test center as a complete device. The maximum degree of permeability is less than 0.1% and disposal must be low-dust.
Note: For mineral dusts, use at least dust class M.

Dust class H - highly hazardous dust:

This class includes dusts with all exposure limits, all carcinogenic dusts, dusts with carcinogenic and pathogenic particles as well as dusts with mold spores, quartz sand, lead, mineral fibers, bitumen and artificial mineral fibers such as glass wool. These vacuum cleaners are also tested as a complete appliance and the maximum degree of permeability is less than 0.005 %. Disposal must be dust-free.

Additional certification is required for asbestos.

All construction dust extractors of dust classes M and H

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Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC BATRIX M 36-18V
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Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse H-1635 Safe Plus
Dust class H safety vacuum cleaner with professional equipment
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse h-1235 Asbestos Safe Plus
Safety vacuum cleaner of dust class H-asbestos, with professional equipment
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse M-1635 Safe
Safety vacuum cleaner with Permanent-Clean filter cleaning, dust class M and basic equipment

Working with hazardous asbestos

Strict regulations apply to working with asbestos.

Protect your health!

Professional associations have been sounding the alarm about handling asbestos for a long time. Last year alone, around 1500 people in Germany died from asbestos-related occupational diseases (the number of unreported cases is much higher). Special care and the greatest possible protection is therefore required when working with asbestos!

Asbestos is a collective term for mineral fiber materials that have been added to building materials over many years to improve their properties. As soon as material is removed during renovation work in older buildings, e.g. by drilling, sawing or sanding, dust containing asbestos fibers can be released. Inhaling these fibers can lead to changes in the lung tissue and has been shown to cause cancer.

Therefore, when working with asbestos, it is essential to use a suitable vacuum cleaner that can also filter the dust.

Dust class H asbestos:

Dust class H is not sufficient for Asbestos in Germany, as further additional testing (certification) is required: Dust class H asbestos.

With the additional test in accordance with TRGS 519 at an external testing institute, the vacuum cleaners are only then authorized to pick up and separate asbestos. To do this, they must meet further requirements, such as dust-free removal of the vacuumed dirt using a specially marked plastic disposal bag.

If asbestos is worked with in the commercial sector, a corresponding certificate of competence for activities involving asbestos is a basic requirement for the employees concerned. An integral part of this qualification is teaching the importance of a functioning dust extraction system in general and certified construction dust extractors in particular in order to virtually eliminate dust emissions to the human body.


Dust extractor for dust class H asbestos

iPulse H 1235 Asbest Safe plus

Class H dust extractors are primarily designed for working with asbestos. To do this, they must meet other requirements, such as dust-free removal of the vacuumed dirt.

The following requirements according to TRGS 519 are prescribed for asbestos applications, among others:

  • On-demand filter cleaning thanks to pressure difference measurement (= filters are cleaned during work without loss of suction)
  • Particularly efficient within 3.5 seconds per filter, with the power of 330 g
  • incl. special PE emptying bag for asbestos
  • Notes on special asbestos requirements in the operating instructions

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FAQ - to the point

This cannot be said in general terms. The largest and most powerful construction dust extractor is not always the best. It depends on the trade and the intended application, but a guide to the dust classes is very helpful. Examples: If a large container is required, very dusty work is carried out or the weight for mobile use is of primary importance.

In the building trade, the BG Bau defines the binding rules for occupational health and safety. For example, a construction dust extractor of dust classes M, H or H-asbestos, also known as a safety vacuum cleaner, is mandatory for commercial work. The associated distinguishing features are automatic filter cleaning for dust-intensive work and product quality designed for durability. BG Bau provides financial support in the form of occupational safety premiums. All eligible vacuum cleaners listed in a publicly accessible overview table are also permitted in all cases.

Of course, it is a good thing when a vacuum cleaner is certified for dust class L. However, with a filtration level of 99%, these vacuums are only permitted for slightly hazardous dusts. This is because the building trade in particular produces medium or even highly hazardous dust, so that a better degree of filtration of a higher dust class is required. What at first glance appears to have a minimal impact on dust exposure actually makes a huge difference to the long-term health of tradespeople. In addition, according to the current standard, only M and H vacuum cleaners are tested and certified as a complete product and are therefore more reliable.

The uClean, ISC and iPulse product lines are MADE IN GERMANY and are manufactured at Starmix in Ebersbach. This quality is immediately noticeable in tough professional use. In addition to intuitive operation and clever features, the key to the ideal product is clearly its performance in dusty conditions. This is made up of a high-quality, certified filter with a large filter surface and needs-based filter cleaning. A combination that the iPulse fulfills with excellence and is based on Starmix's decades of experience with professional vacuum cleaners.

Asbest requires the utmost care and filtration requirements. Ensure that the H vacuum cleaner has additional certification for asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519. In addition to safe suction, the correct removal of the plastic disposal bag and correct labeling is crucial. For example, fleece filter bags are not permitted.

High material removal always leads to high dust generation. An example of these most demanding applications are wall chasers/slot cutters. Not every construction dust extractor is suitable for this at first glance. In addition to a powerful turbine for the necessary vacuum, the filter cleaning technology is the measure of all things. This is because the filter becomes clogged after just a few seconds and the suction power drops rapidly. A so-called PressClean filter cleaning system, which requires the user to manually press the filter several times to remove dust using the air reversal method, is therefore unsuitable and is unfortunately often found on construction sites (even if it is usually incorrectly referred to as automatic filter cleaning). The technology from Starmix is much better: automatic, demand-controlled pulse filter cleaning using electromagnets, for example in the iPulse. This ensures permanent filter cleaning without interrupting suction power or work. Best in class - it doesn't get any better than this.

Construction dust extractor: Protect your health!

Wherever work is carried out, the creation of dust can hardly be avoided, especially during construction work. The generation of harmful dirt and dust is unavoidable. However, with a construction dust extractor, this dirt and dust can be removed directly at the source. Whether in the workshop or on the construction site, working with large amounts of dust is a burden on the environment and health. Starmix industrial vacuum cleaners reliably extract fine and problematic dusts of dust classes L to H-asbestos directly at the power tool, thus minimizing the dust load. Construction dust extractors differ significantly in terms of dust class. A distinction is made between dust classes L, M, H and H asbestos.
Our construction dust extractors have been specially developed for the tough requirements on construction sites. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, they not only offer efficient dust collection, but also excellent filtration, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment. Whether you need a compact construction dust extractor for smaller sites or a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for demanding projects, you'll find the right solution at Starmix. Our products have best-in-class performance and are characterized by robustness, durability and ease of use, making them indispensable companions for professional craftsmen.
Construction dust extractors are characterized in particular by their robust design, a large container volume (from 6 to 55 l) and high suction power. Depending on the model, our construction dust extractors have an output of between 1200 and 1600 watts. The construction dust extractor also has a long mains cable and a long suction hose for flexible and convenient work on the construction site. A construction dust extractor is equipped with large wheels so that the appliance can be easily moved around the construction site. The key to maximum freedom of movement and safety when working with vacuum cleaners and power tools is the direct operation of the power tools via a socket integrated into the construction vacuum cleaner. Power flows through this socket even when the vacuum cleaner is not in use. The construction vacuum cleaner simply needs to be connected to the power supply. It goes without saying that all starmix appliances are antistatic, especially for use on construction sites or in workshops.
Construction dust extractors are also known as commercial vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and multi-purpose vacuum cleaners. Discover our diverse product range and find the perfect construction dust extractor for your requirements. Trust starmix - your partner for clean and healthy working conditions on the construction site. As a member of BG-Bau, you even receive a subsidy when you buy a construction dust extractor!