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Proper drying after washing hands has become an even more important part of our daily lives. With electric hand dryers, touch-free and hygienic hand drying is smartly combined with clear economic and ecological advantages. Starmix offers the widest range on the market in this area, such as particularly small devices in compact format or made of robust stainless steel to withstand vandalism. Everything is represented, from particularly energy-efficient products with 320 watts, to sensory-pampering warm-air dryers, to the high-speed power compacts with 1800 watts. Particularly contemporary are hand dryers for maximum hygiene, which can score points with HEPA filters, UVC radiation and other hygiene features. Mehr lesen Weniger lesen

Hand dryer - AirStar T-C1 (black)
Hand dryer of the high-speed class. With drying times of approx. 17 seconds. Simplest assembly.
Hand dryer - AirStar T-C1 (white)
Hand dryer of the high-speed class. With drying times of approx. 17 seconds. Simplest assembly.
Hand dryer - T-C BL HEPA
Hand dryer 4-fold hygienic - HEPA filter, UV-C lamp, plasma generator and ION PURE technology.
Hand dryer - T-C1 Mw
Vandal-proof high-speed hand dryer, with 1.2 mm thick stainless steel housing, white powder-coated.
Hand dryer - TT 1800 E
Comfort hand dryer with particularly pleasant warm air flow. Low-noise operation.
Hand dryer - XT 1000 ES
Vandal-proof hand dryer with stainless steel housing, matt brushed. Dry hands in less than 17 seconds.
Hand dryer - XT 3001 (black)
Highspeed hand dryer, with HEPA filter and a runtime of up to 3,000 hours. For dry hands in about 10 seconds.
Hand dryer - XT 3001 (white)
Highspeed hand dryer, with HEPA filter and a runtime of up to 3,000 hours. For dry hands in about 10 seconds.
Hand dryer T 70 E
Compact, economical and reliable hand dryer with above-average drying performance
Hand dryer XT 3001 (silver)
Highspeed hand dryer, with HEPA filter and a runtime of up to 3,000 hours. For dry hands in about 10 seconds.
Hand dryer- T-C1 M
Vandal-proof high-speed hand dryer, with 1.2 mm thick stainless steel housing, matt brushed.

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Hand dryer

The most important facts about the fakenews about the alleged "bacteria slingshot" hand dryer, can be found on our hygiene page. We also show the various advantages that arise in comparison between hand dryers and other drying methods, such as the paper towel or cotton towels.

Around hand dryer

Electric hand dryer: dry hands quickly, hygienically and comfortably
Tired of constantly finding overflowing paper trash cans, clogged toilets and empty paper dispensers in your sanitation facility? Eliminate the hassle of refilling and disposing of paper with an electronic hand dryer. Electronic hand dryers are becoming increasingly popular, especially in public hygiene facilities. Sanitary operators not only save a lot of time and money, but also protect the environment by switching to a hand dryer. Hand dryers also have other advantages. They are easy to clean, very simple to use, dry hands quickly and comfortably, and are absolutely hygienic. In addition, there is no need to store paper towels or cloth towels, no labor costs for regular refilling/disposing of paper towels, and of course, this reduces costs - once installed, the hand dryer can be used for years.

A hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly solution for all public sanitary facilities.
It is impossible to imagine modern sanitary facilities without electronic hand dryers. And for a very special reason. Unlike paper towels, electronic dryers are always ready for use and are quick and easy to operate. The hot air from the dryer dries hands in seconds. Constantly refilling the paper towel dispenser and emptying the trash can are things of the past.
For years, people have claimed that an electronic hand dryer is a "bacteria killer." However, there are now numerous studies that prove otherwise. We've collected some studies here that show electric hand dryers are in no way inferior to other drying methods like paper towels and cloth towels. Hot air dryers are also explicitly approved for hygienic hand drying in the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR) for Occupational Safety and Health. If you want to know more about the hygiene of electric hand dryers, you can find more information here.
One of the particular benefits of switching from paper or cloth towels to an electronic hand dryer is the cost savings. Use our return on investment calculator to find out if investing in an electric hand dryer is worth it for you, or how much you can actually save by making the switch.
starmix - the inventor of the hand dryer

In 1925, under the name "ELECTROSTAR Schöttle GmbH & Co. KG" the first hot air hand dryer in the world was developed. This means that Starmix can now look back on almost 100 years of experience. Over the years, our products have constantly improved and developed and now have some special features.

Features and specialties of Starmix hand dryers
  • One special feature is the motor throttle, which allows the motor power to be reduced from 1,000 to 700 watts at the touch of a button. This results in a slight reduction in noise level and energy consumption. The XT 3001 is equipped with this throttle.
  • Another feature is the innovative mounting concept. It allows easy and maintenance-friendly wall mounting without having to open the unit. The TT 1800 E, T-C BL HEPA and Airstars models feature this mounting system, making installation of your new hand dryer child's play.
  • The touch-free on/off feature ensures hygienic and comfortable hand drying in public facilities.
  • In addition, some starmix hand dryers are equipped with HEPA and MESH filters. The HEPA filter removes 99.988% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and viruses from the extracted air. This includes coronavirus, which is responsible for COVID-19. The T-C BL HEPA model is equipped with such a HEPA filter.
  • An additional MESH filter protects the HEPA filter from coarser dirt. It can be easily replaced without tools. This filter is present in the XT 3001 models, which are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas or polluted ambient air.
  • The water wiped off by the hands is collected in an easy-to-empty, closable water collection container.
The right model for every need

T-C BL HEPA - not only a hand dryer, but also an air purifier
A true all-rounder among hand dryers is the T-C BL HEPA. This dryer combines four disinfection components in one device. This means that not only are hands hygienically dried, but the ambient air is also purified. Thanks to these properties, viruses, bacteria and co. don't stand a chance:
  • HEPA-Filter
  • ION PURE technology
  • UVC irradiation
  • Plasma generator
  • 12 seconds drying time
    For more information about the T-C BL HEPA, click here.

XT 3001 - Hand drying within only 10 seconds

Lightning-fast drying is possible with the XT 3001 high-speed hands-in hand dryer. The fastest and most energy-saving high-speed hand dryer in its class.
A powerful, concentrated air stream strips the water from both sides of the hands at a rapid air speed of 540 km/h. The rated power is max. 1000 watts. Hands are dry in about 10 seconds! Running time up to 3,000 h or approx. 1 million uses.
More information about the XT 3001 can be found here.

Vandal-proof & energy-saving with the T-C1 M / Mw / XT 1000

In public areas, some devices have to withstand knocks or kicks. The Vandal hand dryers withstand the highest stress thanks to the best quality. The optional white powder-coated or matt brushed steel offers the highest level of safety in public spaces.
  • Vandal-proof steel housing
  • Theft-proof mounting
  • Flush with wall and safe to reach behind
  • Maintenance-free and durable
  • Effective, fast hand drying
  • Energy-saving and economical
    Further information:
    T-C1 M
    T-C1 MW
    XT 1000

Powerful yet economical - with the Highspeed Compact hand dryer Airstar T-C1

The Highspeed Compact class sets high standards: outstanding performance, modern design, easy installation and convenient operation. A device with a sensational price-performance ratio, for fast amortization. The new generation hand dryer with the sophisticated starmix technology and the quality level "Made in Germany". Significant savings in energy costs: only 1,000 watts nominal power.
For more information about the Airstar T-C1 click here.

In short, Starmix hand dryers dry hands quickly and efficiently, saving energy and money. Of course, not all hand dryers are the same and each model has different features and functions. You can find out which model is best suited for your needs with the help of our product advisor.
In our FAQ section you can find more useful and interesting information about electronic hand dryers.