Hand dryer - XT 3001 (white)

Highspeed hand dryer with HEPA filter


A strong, concentrated air stream strips the water from both sides of the hands at a rapid 540 km/h. The hands are dry in about 10 seconds! The brushless motor allows a runtime of up to 3000 hrs. or approx. 1 million uses. Four infrared sensors activate the hand dryer without contact - hygienic, simple and safe operation even for people with disabilities and children. The water wiped off the hands is collected in an easy-to-empty, lockable water collection container. The electronic indicator signals when to empty the water collection tank or change the HEPA filter.
To reduce noise, the motor speed can be throttled from 1000 to 700 watts via a switch.
Optimal for highly frequented locations or with polluted room air: an additional MESH filter to protect the motor and HEPA filter.
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Integrated mounting plate yes
Vandal proof no
Switch on/off contactless
Case Material ABS plastic, antibacterial
Case color white / silver / black
Protective contact socket (on the wall bracket) no
Sensor safety shutdown yes
Safety temperature limiter no
Thermal fuse no
Flush with wall/behind handle no
Dimensions 330 x 230 x 660 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 9 kg
Heating capacity Without heating
Runtime 22 Sec. max.
Air velocity 540 km/h
Air flow -
Motor speed 30,000 rpm
Motor power max. 1.000 Watt
Sound pressure level < 80 dB(A)
Nominal power max . 1.000 Watt
Relative drying time ca. 10 Sec.
Protection class (IP) IP33
Protection class II
Voltage 230-240 Volt ~, 50/60 Hz

Advantages at a glance

  • the hygienic alternative to paper and cloth towels

  • environmentally friendly, because energy-saving

  • no storage of paper or cloth towels

  • no personnel expenditure
  • significantly lower costs

  • no annoying paper waste

  • never again empty towel dispensers

  • once installed - ready for use for years
  • The water collection tank catches the water wiped off by the hands. This keeps the unit and floor clean.

    Exemplary hygiene: with tool-free replaceable HEPA surface filter and antibacterial, impact-resistant ABS plastic housing. Internationally HACCP certified.
    Optional ZeroSmell Tab can be used.

    For highly frequented locations or in case of polluted indoor air. An additional MESH filter protects the HEPA filter from coarse contamination. Easy to replace without tools.

    At the push of a button, the motor power can be reduced from 1,000 watts to 700 watts. This simply reduces noise and power consumption.

    5 years warranty

    According to our warranty conditions

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