Händetrockner vs. Papierhandtuch

Die Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung vergleicht die Trocknungsarten Händetrockner und Papierhandtuch hinsichtlich diverser Kosten unter gleichen Grundvoraussetzungen.

Berechne Dir selbst die Ersparnis bei einem Wechsel zu einem elektronischen Händetrockner von starmix.

Economic efficiency calculator

How many devices are currently in use?

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How often are the devices used?

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Average values of other cost factors

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Annual Savings

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Notes on the calculation

The operating costs of the hand dryers are determined from the number of uses per year, the energy consumption (performance data of the selected device and your costs per kwH in €) and the drying time of the respective device model.

The operating costs of the paper towel dispensers are determined from the number of uses per year, the number of paper towels per drying (2) and the cost per paper towel in cents.

Not included are the purchase prices of the respective devices and any costs for personnel and storage.