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Battery Vacuum Cleaner

You know this? When you're working, you're constantly tripping over annoying cables and you can't get to where you need to vacuum because the cable is too short or there's no power? With the new generation, battery-powered vacuums become a perfect alternative, where you don't have to make any sacrifices in terms of suction power. Just as powerful as with mains-powered devices, you can now work completely wirelessly. Enjoy maximum flexibility and mobility with a cordless vacuum cleaner from starmix.
  Perfect cleanness in all corners - cordless vacuum cleaners for professionals. With one of the versatile vacuums from starmix, even the most inaccessible places lose their terror when it comes to cleaning them thoroughly. The tedious search for a power outlet and endless cable connections or even reaching for a broom are a thing of the past. Battery vacuums from starmix perform unbeatable services in workshops, buses, cinemas, in private households, in the most impossible places - or in other words - simply everywhere! Full charge for the best comfort.Mehr lesen Weniger lesen

Ash vacuum cleaner AV P-15 18V
Ash vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming, with filter cleaning and 15 l - container
EUR134.00* EUR141.61*
Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC Batrix L 36-18V
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner for class L dusts. With up to 100 minutes run time.
EUR779.00* EUR998.41*
Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC BATRIX M 36-18V
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner for class M dusts. Up to 100 minutes running time. Up to 300 € BG-Bau promotion.
EUR829.00* EUR1,129.31*
Battery vacuum cleaner - QUADRIX L 18 V (without battery pack/charger)
Battery vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning
Battery vacuum cleaner - SMART L 18V
Portable Battery Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
EUR169.00* EUR177.31*