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As different as the fields of application for vacuums are, so are the features and performance data of the corresponding devices. For easier orientation in our product range, we have therefore created decision-making aids for the trade and cleaning sector.

Clean construction sites & healthy lungs

Reliable vacuums are absolutely essential in the trade. Many jobs such as milling, sawing, and grinding generate dust that can endanger our health. That's why we need vacuums that can handle the dusts. With dust classes L, M, H and vacuums for asbestos, every craftsman is optimally protected.

Important features

➤ Dust class
➤ Filter cleaning
➤ Appliance inlet

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Craftsman vacuum cleaner

The selection and options of our vacuums for the craft sector are diverse. It is not always easy to keep track of them all. That's why we've put all our vacuums side by side. This way, you can focus on the features that interest you and quickly compare them.

Stars for cleaning

Whether in the hotel industry, industry or disaster relief - vacuums for cleaning are needed in many places and have very different requirements. From machine cleaning, to vacuuming up oil/chips, to wet cleaning of sanitary rooms, there is a suitable device for everything.

Important features

➤ Water level detection
➤Noise insulated
➤Drain hose

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Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

The available and required features are as varied as the areas of application for cleaning vacuums. With our decision support, you can quickly get an overview of which device is the right one for you.