User testimonials

starmix users speak clearly.
Whether professional or private - the starmix vacuum cleaners are put through their paces

iPulse - Series

For the most difficult fine and problematic dusts

Frank (carpenter) about the iPulse:

"With the iPulse, I have the machines in our carpentry shop vacuumed in no time. This saves me a lot of time and I can also save time on filter cleaning thanks to the intelligent filter cleaning. Really great!"

Klaus H. (assembly company) about the iPulse: 

"It's amazing how much power the iPulse delivers. Other useful details also make everyday work easier. I love the large wheels and the handlebar, which make it easy to pull the vacuum up the stairs."

Wolfram about the iPulse:

"The iPulse is a strong vacuum that is amazingly quiet and also works with consistently high suction power. The automatic shaking off of the filter is a fine thing. In my eyes, a clear vacuum recommendation!"

Agron (paint store) about the iPulse:

"When sanding car parts, it's especially valuable that the unit doesn't dust out and the connected implements don't go out when jogging. The units suck so well that we have switched completely from the competitor to starmix."

Christopher (remodeling and renovation) about the iPulse:

"Great performance what the vacuum swallows everything. Even when sanding wood, everything is sucked away, nothing remains in the air. The whole "package" is just great and saves us valuable time. I am a fan of the iPulse. It doesn't get any more dust-free than this!"

uClean - Series

The versatile one for universal use

Wolfgang (carpentry) about the uClean: 

"Small, light and handy is the uClean ADL-1420. Perfect to take it with you even when working on the roof. Ideal for cleaning surfaces, corners, joints, but also for smaller jobs with the power tool. I'll always have it with me from now on!"

Tim (Renovations) about the uCLean:

"Super suction power, there is no more dust, hardly any additional cleaning work is necessary on the construction site. Hose and accessories are securely attached to the unit- Everything is there to do a wide variety of jobs in succession. A really great vacuum."

Uwe about the uCelan:

"Absolutely fantastic how absorbent this device is. Even wet, stuck dirt in my light well was no problem at all for the uClean with coarse dirt accessories. In the future I will only use Starmix, my other vacuum couldn't have done it!"

Stefan about the uClean:

"Sucking up wood chips instead of sweeping is super. Blowing out the joints and crevices also works excellently with the blowing function. And spilled drilling emulsion is simply vacuumed up at the same time. The uClean ensures an absolutely clean work area for the next day."

ISC "Compact" Series

Compact professional for tough dust applications

Marc (master electrician) about the ISC:

"The vacuum cleaner is really put to the test for me. Dust-free work with drill bits, slot cutters, etc. is guaranteed at all times with the ISC - simply great. The ISC vacuum cleaner is powerful yet compact. Just the right thing for my daily work routine!"

Timo (floor layer) about the ISC:

"The vacuum cleaner is a really clean thing for the construction site. With its powerful suction, even the dustiest jobs are no longer a problem. I no longer have to worry about my health - thanks to the ISC Compact. I am absolutely thrilled!"

Rene (automotive workshop) about the ISC:

"The robust device is convincing when it comes to extracting dust, dirt as well as liquids. The flexibility of the vacuum cleaner in handling tasks in the workshop is simply irreplaceable and has convinced us completely!"

Oliver (carpenter) about the ISC:

"I use the ISC for kitchen assembly, woodwork, carcass work, ... . The suction power, as well as the automatic filter cleaning exceeds my expectations. I am more than satisfied!"

Claus (master electrician) about the ISC:

"The device really has to get to work for me. Drill bit, slot cutter, hand-held circular saw, electric planer, almost nothing is left out - and I'm thrilled! My ISC vacuum: compact, powerful and suction power without end - my new star in the vacuum sky!"


The industrial battery vacuum cleaner!

Bruno about the Batrix wet and dry vacuum cleaner:

"Every craftsman knows it: Most of the time there is no socket available at all or it is eternally far away. In this case, the Batrix as a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the best help you can have. Of course, only one area in which it is unbeatable."

Sauger Batrix Anwendertest

Michael about the Batrix industrial cordless vacuum cleaner:

"I especially appreciate the flexibility you have with the Batrix cordless system."


The specialist for maximum mobility.

Sebastian about the SMART L 18V cordless vacuum cleaner:

"At 4.2 kilograms, the SMART L cordless vacuum cleaner is an all-rounder in our household. Thanks to the QUIX accessory system, you have the right accessories at your fingertips for all situations. With the new CAS system, it is also compatible with my other cordless tools in the workshop. For dusty jobs, I love the manual filter cleaning. The flexible suction hose is definitely a big relief when working on the ladder. All in all, I am very satisfied with the small Smart cordless vacuum cleaner."

Automatic start/stop system with Cordless Control (CoCo)

The best ON/OFF relationship!

René about Cordless Control:

"In my workshop, cordless tools are the focus and the Cordless Control System (CoCo), in combination with my vacuum cleaner, gives me back the flexibility I need. With the CoCo, automatic switch-on is no problem, even with cordless tools, and I have absolute comfort and a clean workplace."

Quadrix L 18V

The specialist for mobile use

Fabian about the starmix Quadrix L 18V cordless vacuum cleaner: : 


"The Quadrix is light, handy and has no protruding elements that could interfere during transport. The flexible rubber sleeve is an absolute must when using tools from different manufacturers. The battery power is completely sufficient. The vacuum positively surprises by the fact that all accessories can be stowed in it. Both the nozzles, the second battery and charger as well as the "bulky" suction hose. Thanks to its shape, it adapts very well to the Systainer and takes up hardly any space in the workshop or in the car, since you can integrate it in the "Systainer stack."

Energetic APDM-1430

The star for every do-it-yourselfer!

Sebastian Wirth about the Energetic APDM-1430:

"I am more than happy to have chosen the Energetic from Starmix - because in this price segment you can hardly find such a powerful vacuum cleaner with semi-automatic filter cleaning.
Whether at home vacuuming my CNC, my floor in the workshop or connected to one of my battery-powered devices, the powerhouse with 1400W cuts a good figure everywhere. The included accessories can be placed in their respective slots. The vacuum is suitable for any DIY handyman, hobbyist or home use."