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Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

The product range of starmix includes a wide range of wet-dry vacuum cleaners, which can be used in the craftsmen's sector as well as in the cleaning sector. Regardless of whether the units are to be used as wet vacuum cleaners or as dry vacuum cleaners. For the craftsman suitable for dust-free use on the construction site and in the workshop. In industry or in the private sector for professional cleaning.

In the specialized trade our devices are ready for immediate trying out. Convince yourself of starmix.
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Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC Batrix L 36-18V
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner for class L dusts. With up to 100 minutes run time.
EUR799.00* EUR998.41*
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Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC BATRIX M 36-18V
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner for class M dusts. Up to 100 minutes running time. Up to 300 € BG-Bau promotion.
EUR899.00* EUR1,129.31*
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Battery vacuum cleaner - SMART L 18V
Portable Battery Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
EUR144.00* EUR177.31*
Industrial vacuum cleaner - GS 2078 PZ
Special cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry) with steel tank and 2 motors
Industrial vacuum cleaner - GS 3078 PZ
Special cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry) with steel tank and 3 motors
Pump vacuum cleaner - uClean PA-1455 KFG
Water vacuum cleaner with integrated mast pump. Perfect when the water level is not high enough for the sole use of a pump.
SMART L 18V cordless vacuum cleaner set
Portable Battery Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
EUR329.00* EUR367.71*
Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft APL-1422 EWR
All-purpose vacuum cleaner with socket for the power tool
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Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft APL-1430 EWR
All-purpose vacuum cleaner with socket for the power tool
EUR319.00* EUR355.81*
Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft L-1422 HKR
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning operations with class L dusts.
Sale in Starmix store
Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft PL-1422 EWR
The specialist for cleaning work: Commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning cleaning offices, garages and around the house
EUR219.00* EUR236.81*
Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse h-1235 Asbestos Safe Plus
Safety vacuum cleaner of dust class H-asbestos, with professional equipment

FAQ - brought to the point

The use of wet dry vacuum cleaners is possible at pH values from 5 to 8, i.e. from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline liquids. In the case of unusual, complex compositions of the fluids, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer or take a detailed look at the data sheet. Drilling fluids should not be aspirated for the benefit of the seal and the filter. Please observe the flash point.

Basically yes. The systems detect the water level and reliably switch off the electrodes or the float not only in case of water but also in case of foam. Important: The discharged air may temporarily contain higher humidity until it is switched off. The equipment will not be damaged when used with foam.

The device can be used at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius without any problems. It must be ensured that the materials sucked in do not contain any ember residues. Flammable, explosive or burning liquids or solids that exceed the maximum temperature must not be vacuumed.

A power of at least 100 watts is required for operation. Below that, the wet dry vacuum cleaner will not start. The maximum power is specified with 2,000 watts. This information is clearly visible on the inside of the socket's lid.

If large quantities of dust accumulate, a model with automatic pulse filter cleaning should be preferred. The wet dry vacuum cleaners from starmix are suitable here. Fine dust and problem dust removal in workshops and on construction sites can be optimally removed with models from the IPULSE series. The filters are continuously free, which means that the suction power is always high and without restrictions. For conventional cleaning without enormous dust formation, a device with special filter is not necessary.

Light but bulky vacuumed materials such as paper shreds, leaves or conventional dust require only a low air velocity. Here, the hose diameter may be larger. For heavy vacuumed materials such as coarse-grained sand, stones or screws, a high air speed, i.e. a hose with a small diameter, is the right decision.

Units with this function switch on and off automatically in switch positions A or AR when the tool is connected. This prevents the formation of dust at the workplace, as the dust is extracted directly as it forms. Before switching off, the unit continues to run for another 10 seconds so that the suction hose is completely emptied.

This term refers to the smooth start-up of the motor with marginal starting current. As a result, the house fuse does not pop out and the motor gets a longer life.

For stationary use in continuous operation, continuous running units, for example with a 400V three-phase side channel blower, are suitable. These achieve up to 10,000 hours running time in industrial use. Currently, there is no such device available from starmix. However, for a running time of up to 1,000 hours, we offer high-quality starmix units from the ISP/ISC series.

In conventional vacuum cleaners there are models with bag and without bag. The dust bag also serves as an air filter and simplifies the disposal of the vacuumed dust. Anyone who uses a bagged vacuum cleaner is familiar with the unpleasant smell that comes with the blown-out air. Wet dry vacuums without bags do not produce this smell, provided they are cleaned after each use. The strength of the airflow and the amount of air swirl make the difference between single cyclone vacuums and multi-cyclone vacuums. For a cleaner and not unpleasant smelling air in the room, especially models without an integrated dust bag.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaner - for craft, industry, commerce

Powerful in industry and commerce

The demands placed on wet-dry vacuum cleaners in industry and commerce are at a very high level. Therefore, starmix solutions are an innovative combination of performance, multifunctionality and durability as well as safety-relevant aspects. All these are indispensable prerequisites for efficient use in a wide variety of situations.

Maximum individuality requires a wide range
Wet-dry vacuum cleaners must reliably meet the high demands of a wide variety of applications. This requires a corresponding variety of products. As a specialist for wet-dry vacuum cleaners, starmix designs powerful solutions for individual use. The vacuum cleaners clean large areas and remove soiling from fine to coarse dirt during machine cleaning. They are just as suitable for special applications such as vacuuming out boilers as they are for extracting larger quantities of water and other non-flammable liquids such as drilling emulsions or coolants. Depending on the application, operate the unit bagless or with a special collection bag.

All units that can be used as wet vacuum cleaners are equipped with automatic water level detection via sensor or float.

Starmix wet-dry vacuum cleaners - the innovation for the craft sector

Whether in workshops or on construction sites: Work with high dust emission is a burden for the environment and health. Starmix vacuum cleaners for the skilled trades reliably suck up fine and problem dusts of dust classes L to H asbestos directly at the power tool, thus minimizing dust exposure.

A key point for maximum freedom of movement and safety when handling the suction device and power tool is the direct power supply to your electrically operated tools via a socket integrated into the wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It goes without saying that all starmix units are specially prepared to be antistatic for use on construction sites or in workshops.

In order to optimally meet your requirements for a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, our range has a large selection of the most diverse types of equipment ready. Decide on the required power in watts from 1200-1600. This also applies to the container volume in order to optimally adapt the device to your needs. Depending on which wet-dry vacuum you choose and whether you operate it with or without a bag, the wet-dry vacuums offer volume liters of 20-78l.

Powerful and individually tailored to your needs.

Wet-dry vacuums from starmix are the specialists when it comes to cleaning in all craft and industrial areas. They stand out in tests and in real use due to their high performance, durability and functionality and thus lay the foundation for efficient work processes.


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