Pump vacuum cleaner - uClean PA-1455 KFG

Water vacuum cleaner with integrated pump


The submersible pump continuously pumps absorbed liquids out of the tank. Ground fault circuit interrupter in the power supply line, special filter bags, application-oriented accessories.
The pump can be completely removed and the container closed, thus this industrial vacuum cleaner can also be used as a normal wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Fields of application: Suction/extraction of large quantities of liquid, use during floods, use for flat roof renovation, cleaning of garden ponds and pool facilities.
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Filter bag Filter bag: 1 x FSN 80, item no. 424071
Accessory 1x suction hose Ø 35 mm x 5 m , Art. No. 413235; ax drain hose Ø 33 mm x 5 m (additional purchase: drain hose 33-1000 red, Art. No. 411316); 1x handle tube plastic with secondary air slide, Art. No. 424804; 2x suction tube plastic (50 cm each), Art. No. 424859; 1x aluminum professional floor nozzle 45 with rubber and bristle strips, Art. No. 416106
Additional filter 1 x FSS 1200 (foam), Art.-Nr. 413297
Water level detection (mechanical) yes
Speed controller yes, 2 stages with eco mode
Ground fault circuit interrupter yes
Appliance socket yes
Main filter FPP 3600 (polyester), dust retention: 99.9%, part no. 415109
Impulse filter cleaning no
Integrated submersible pump yes
Tilt chassis yes
Soft start/run-on yes
Hose rewind and plug fixation yes
Antistatic prepared yes
Power consumption (max.) 2210 watt incl. pump
Volume flow 69 l/s (max.)
Delivery head 11 m (max.)
Dimensions 52 x 51 x 100 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 26.5 kg (incl. submersible pump, net)
Conveying distance 55 m (max.)
Pump capacity (max.) l/m 330

Advantages at a glance

extra large container
drain hose connection
special filter bags
highest power
trolleys according to requirements
ground fault circuit interrupter in the power supply line

Whether in private or commercial use: The demands on a water vacuum cleaner are high. With a pump vacuum cleaner from starmix, you can clean large areas or machines with high efficiency. Starmix water vacuums are characterized by durability, robust workmanship, wattage, safety in every area of application, and multifunctionality.

The starmix water suction units are equipped with powerful MAST pumps, which are used e.g. by fire departments and in disaster control. In this way, we guarantee reliable performance with maximum equipment quality. Of course, the focus is not only on functionality and performance, but also on safety in the form of reliable protection against electric shock when used in wet environments. When not in use, the powerful water vacuums take up little storage space.

  • Dry-running safe, maintenance-free, with thermal winding protection
  • With built-in float switch
  • Motor housing and rotor shaft made of stainless steel
  • Handle, pump housing and protective strainer made of 30 % glass-fiber reinforced plastic

The water level is detected by a float. As soon as the maximum filling volume is reached, no further liquid can be aspirated automatically.

HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

The integrated mast pump pumps the absorbed liquids out of the container. The maximum pumping distance is 50 meters with a maximum height difference of 3 meters.
HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

The max. suction height is up to 2.5 meters when only water (without air) is sucked in - the pipe is completely under water (=full suction mode). The max. suction height is up to 8 meters when water-air mixture is sucked in (=slurping mode).
HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

Special vacuum cleaner

Washed with all waters

When it comes to removing large quantities of liquids, the starmix pump and fire department vacuums are a reliable partner. Thanks to robust stainless steel containers and specially developed detail solutions, the vacuums have proven their worth in industry, trade, THW and fire departments.

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FPP 3600
Polyester pleated filter cartridge
FSN 80 Wet filter bag
Suitable for water filtration
Drain hose 33-1000 (red)
Drain hose (red) for pump suction Ø 33 mm, length 10 m
Handle tube 35 with secondary air slide
Handle tube plastic with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
Suction tube 35-50
Suction tube plastic Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
Profi aluminium floor nozzle 45
Alu professional floor nozzle 45 cm wide
FSS 1200 foam filter
Foam filter FSS 1200
Universal vacuum cleaner - uClean 1420 HK
Cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry). With blowing function and simple plastic accessories.
Water vacuum cleaner - uClean LD-1432 Wet
The wet-cleaning vacuum cleaner for fast and effective suction of a wide variety of liquids. Also suitable for dry cleaning.
Universal vacuum cleaner - uClean 1432 HK
Cleaning vacuum cleaner (wet/dry). With blowing function and simple plastic accessories.