Air and passion since 1921

Always rooted in the Swabian region, Stuttgart was the starting point where Robert Schöttle founded his small company and built the Ventus, one of the first electric vacuum cleaners. 

Success was not long in coming, as was the move to the nearby Filstal. Long flights of success but also lows have accompanied Electrostar in the following decades until today. 

Yes, we are proud of our history, of our company - we are starmix! We have summarized the most important milestones for you in words, pictures and moving images. Join us on our journey through the world of Electrostar. 


Deep dive into our beginnings and eight decades of history.

1921: Robert Schöttle Sr. and his wife Sophie founded the "Elektrotechnische Spezialfabrik für Staubsauger und Gebläse" in Stuttgart.
With the "VENTUS", the company produces one of the first electric vacuum cleaners in Germany.

1925: The company changed its name to "ELECTROSTAR Schöttle GmbH & Co. KG". The world's first warm air hand dryer is developed and produced.

1928 - 30: Business is good and ELECTROSTAR moves to Reichenbach an der Fils. Exports flourish. Already 70 % of the products are delivered to 49 countries worldwide.

1933: The first vacuum cleaner with a handle is launched on the market, kitchen machines for kneading and stirring are produced.

1948: "Starmix," the first high-speed food processor, conquers the market and becomes a bestseller and symbol of the German economic miracle in the 1950s. It establishes the future brand name "starmix".

1953: Trends were already being set back then. A multi-functional product, the "Piccolo," was a hit with millions. It combined a food processor, vacuum cleaner and floor polisher in one.

1955: "Starboy" and "Starmaster," powerful hand-held and floor vacuum cleaners, followed, expanding the product range.

The great magician

Advertising time on TV was obviously still a quite affordable medium in the 50s, and so a commercial was dedicated to the "Starmix". Contemporary entertainment!

1959: Generation change. The company founder dies, son Hans and son-in-law Peter Kotthaus take over the business.

1960: "The young line" is created, high-quality electrical household equipment. And trend thinking again - the MX3 kitchen machine is expanded into a system and supplemented by coffee machines, grinders and other household helpers. Modern high-volume production is created.

1962 - 63: The MX4 with concentric drive for mixing bowls and additional appliances sets new standards. First OEM approaches - the QX, a patented hand mixer is sold by the hundreds of thousands, also to competitors.

1966: Building boom. A modern administration building completes the company premises.

1968: The T5 hot-air hand dryer heralds a new era and makes starmix the long-standing market leader in this segment. The brand "starmix" already has such an enormous degree of recognition that all products in the future receive this signet.

1972: The SM6 is introduced. A new vacuum cleaner concept that is to be successful for a long time and serves as a model for many.

1975: Diversification is accelerated, with high-performance equipment such as the SG 10 and SG 20 for industry and commerce.

1977: With Robert Schöttle Jr. the third generation takes over responsibility in the company.

1978: The robust all-purpose vacuum cleaner HG6 forms the basis for further developments. The vacuum cleaners are capable of vacuuming wet and dry materials and feature a newly developed electromagnetic filter cleaning system.

1979: The kitchen machine system is relaunched with the MX5.

1982: The T7 becomes the first vandal-proof hand dryer from ELECTROSTAR.

1984: The universal ZYKLON vacuum cleaner HG8, with its modular platform concept, makes the company a market leader.

1985: The warm air dryer program becomes the widest range in the industry. Sales in the hotel and catering industry are successfully established worldwide with new products.

1987 - 92: First contacts with China, which are strengthened until 1992, partnerships are examined. First contacts are made with Russia and experience is gained.

1994: The "PICK UP" leaf and suction blower is a great success. Sales double within 2 years.

1996: Electrostar withdraws from the highly competitive segment of small electrical household equipment and concentrates on its core competencies of vacuum cleaners and dryers - "Air moves us".

1997: Starmix intensifies its export business in the Middle and Far East and starts a joint venture in Beijing to manufacture a successful warm air dryer series.


Company transfers, mergers and 100 years of Electrostar. Two exciting decades.

2000: The new IS craft and industrial vacuum cleaner is presented. Matching the millennium, it sets new standards in performance and quality.

The perfected electromagnetic filter cleaning in combination with the automatic extraction of dust-generating power tools ensures another milestone in the function and reliability of starmix products and more sustainable success in the demanding craftsmen's sector.

2003: A strategic partner in Eastern Europe is found in the Gorovoy family (ALGO Group). In three stages, ALGO takes over all business shares of the founding family Schöttle until 2007.

2008: In the future, the company operates under the name Electrostar GmbH with Roman Gorovoy as operational managing director. The company is restructured and significant investments are made in the product portfolio.

2009: New high-performance vacuum cleaners for the trade are created with the GS series. The popular TT 1800 hot-air dryers are given a fresh design and optimized in terms of energy.

2010: The extraction of dust-generating power tools is becoming increasingly important. For this purpose, the ISP vacuum series is further improved and sets new standards for dust-free working without interruption of the air flow.

2011: Together with the employees, customers, suppliers, partners and friends Electrostar celebrates its 90th anniversary.

In the same year, the ALGO Group complements its range of self-produced products with the purchase of Haaga Kehrsysteme GmbH. The small medium-sized company from Kirchheim u. Teck produces high-quality sweepers that are sold worldwide.

2013: The ISP vacuum series becomes "iPulse". The patented pressure difference measurement is a novelty on the market and causes a sensation.

2015: With a fresh, progressive market presence, starmix is repositioned and the focus is placed on even more customer orientation. The star is omnipresent.

The NSG uClean replaces the longstanding successful HS and GS vacuum cleaners and brings a breath of fresh air to the vacuum portfolio with new features.

2017: New stars are born. The new dryer line "T-C Highspeed Compact", consisting of hand dryer, hair dryer with hose or on height adjustment, is launched on the market. Made in Germany is once again writ large in the dryer sector.

2019: After 90 years in Reichenbach, Electrostar moves to neighboring Ebersbach together with its Kirchheim-based sister company Haaga. The move helps to optimize processes and procedures in the company and to leave a lasting mark on the corporate culture.

2020: Electrostar and Haaga sweeping systems merge. The product brand "haaga" will continue under Electrostar.

2021: The year of superlatives. Electrostar celebrates its 100th anniversary. We say THANK YOU to all partners and supporters who have accompanied us over time!

BATRIX is born, a superstar in innovation. The first cordless vacuum cleaner in the world to offer the performance of a corded vacuum cleaner.

With the PureDiCo disinfectant dispenser, starmix opens a new product segment.