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Water Vacuum Cleaner

Washing machine hose burst, basic cleaning of toilet floors or changing rooms, pool emptying - there are many and varied situations in which a water vacuum or pump vacuum can be a real blessing. Starmix has them, the stars for wet cleaning. They are just as suitable for the private user as they are for commercial use, for fire departments or THW.Mehr lesenWeniger lesen

Pump vacuum cleaner - uClean PA-1455 KFG
Water vacuum cleaner with integrated mast pump. Perfect when the water level is not high enough for the sole use of a pump.
Water vacuum cleaner - uClean LD-1432 Wet
The wet-cleaning vacuum cleaner for fast and effective suction of a wide variety of liquids. Also suitable for dry cleaning.
Water vacuum cleaner - uClean LD-1445 Wet
The wet vacuum cleaner with large 45-liter tank and drain hose.

FAQ - brought to the point

There are three different types of vacuum cleaners. Depending on the material to be vacuumed, there are dry vacuums, wet vacuums and combination units that can be used as wet and dry vacuums.
The new uClean models-Wet are wet or water vacuums that are also suitable as dry vacuums. To ensure this, however, it is necessary to retrofit the so-called wet vacuum cleaner, which is actually designed for wet applications, with a filter cartridge. With a conventional pure liquid vacuum cleaner, such as a water vacuum cleaner or even an oil vacuum cleaner, it is not possible to provide for filtration of dry dust and similar particles. This would require, among other things, a shut-off device.
The uClean PA pump vacuums have a dirty water pump, which is also required, and with the help of which a necessary emptying of the vacuum can take place. Alternatively, this could also be ensured by a drain hose. The efficient pump can be replaced by a filter cartridge. so that the wet vacuum cleaner can be converted to a dry vacuum cleaner. In order to be able to use a unit as both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, a cut-off device is required, as already mentioned. This shut-off device interrupts the air flow or shuts down the turbine when the maximum liquid level is reached. This is realized with a float system and ISC and ISP electrodes. In addition, wet vacuums that may also be used as dry vacuums, the so-called wet-dry vacuums, must be equipped exclusively with bypass turbines with separate working and cooling air.

Special spray extraction devices are recommended for cleaning carpets and upholstery. These devices have two mandatory functions. First, with the aid of a pump, a precisely dosed mixture of water and cleaning agents is sprayed onto the upholstery or carpets. After a sufficient exposure time, the so-called dirt liquor can be vacuumed off again. In order to avoid unpleasant side effects, it should be noted that the cleaning agent contained in the mixture may tend to form excessive foam due to swirling. The consequence of this foam formation would be that the shut-off device integrated in the wet vacuum cleaner by means of floats or electrodes would no longer function properly and would not respond in time. This would cause the dirty water to be blown out with the air flow.
To ensure that the water vacuum works without problems, a so-called defoamer should be added to the mixture of fresh water and cleaning agent. The wet and dry vacuums from starmix can be used for vacuuming the dirty liquor after upholstery and carpet cleaning. However, it is important that here too, suitable measures are taken to prevent excessive foaming in order to avoid the effect described above.

The dry vacuum cleaners and the wet and dry vacuum cleaners from starmix are equipped with a high-quality filter system that successfully eliminates vacuumed dust mites. These are FKP or FPP filters of dust class M, HEPA filters, or corresponding filter bags. Filtration of this grade guarantees that problematic substances, which correspond to the class M or H, which are hazardous to health, are retained and not blown out into the open air again.
House dust belongs to dust class L and thus falls well below these limits. Numerous water vacuums are offered on the market that use water as the filter medium. This means that the dirt is separated out via a water bath. For reliable filtration, a HEPA filter is also required. Devices with the appropriate equipment are usually very expensive and are often sold by Door-to-Door, but water vacuums can actually not convincingly gain efficiency over our system.
Nevertheless, water vacuums of this type are very popular. This may be due to the fact that water filtration suggests high purity.

Starmix wet vacuum cleaners for professional use, such as the uClean PA-1455 KFG pump vacuum cleaner with integrated submersible pump, are available from approx. 1,500 € (net) in selected online stores such as Schwemmer & Dorn, Heupel Reinigungstechnik GmbH or also from regional specialist dealers. Here you can find dealers near you.

Water Vacuum Cleaner

Water vacuum cleaners for professional use

Whether for private or commercial use: The demands on a water vacuum cleaner are high. With a pump vacuum cleaner from starmix, you can clean large areas or machines with high efficiency. Starmix water vacuums are characterized by durability, robust workmanship, wattage, safety in every application, and multifunctionality.

Compact with high performance
The starmix pump water suction units are equipped with powerful MAST pumps, which are used e.g. by fire departments and in disaster control. In this way we guarantee reliable performance with maximum equipment quality. Of course, the focus is not only on functionality and performance, but also on safety in the form of reliable protection against electric shock when used in wet environments. When not in use, the powerful water vacuums take up little storage space.

Water vacuums from starmix - variable in use

The vacuum cleaners of the uClean series are multifunctional and can also be used as normal wet-dry vacuum cleaners. With a few simple steps, the pump can be removed and the water vacuum cleaner can then be used as a normal wet-dry vacuum cleaner. The conversion is even easier with the purchase of a single container for wet-dry vacuuming. This way you remove dirt, dust and water with one device. With their practical and application-oriented features, the wet vacuums are suitable for both commercial and private use. The pump vacuum cleaners have been further developed to meet the special requirements of the fire department and THW and have a drain hose connection with GEKA-C coupling. All two devices have a maximum delivery rate in suction mode of 40 l/min with a delivery head of max. 6 meters and a delivery distance of max. 50 meters. The water vacuums are suitable for cleaning the pool or garden pond as well as for flat roof renovation and heating system cleaning as well as for sucking up all non-flammable liquids in private application areas or industry.