"haaga" Handkehrmaschine von Electrostar

Hand sweeper

With a "haaga" hand sweeper from Electrostar, perfect cleaning is child's play.

When it comes to effectively removing dirt from small or medium-sized areas, a hand sweeper is just the thing. With a manually operated sweeper, a clean look is ensured in a flash. If you think that a manual sweeper requires a lot of effort, you can sit back and relax. Even though the practical sweepers are moved by muscle power, cleaning is simple and convenient.  The right hand sweeper for every occasion.

With four different models, starmix offers you a balanced selection of manual sweepers that are suitable for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.

Our machines are available for immediate testing in specialized stores. Convince yourself of starmix.
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Hand sweeper - haaga 375
Sweeper with 75 cm sweeping width and area capacity up to 1. 000 m². 2 disc brushes and 50 l container.
Sale in Starmix store
Hand sweeper - haaga 255
Sweeper with area capacity up to 500 sqm. With disc brooms on both sides and guide rollers.
EUR192.19* EUR226.10*
Hand sweeper - haaga 477 Profi
Manually operated sweeper with 77cm sweeping width. For areas up to 1,500 m². 2 disc brooms and 1 additional fine dirt sweeping roller.
Hand sweeper - haaga 497 Profi
Manuell betriebene Kehrmaschine mit 97cm Kehrbreite. Für Flächen bis 2.000 m². 2 Tellerbesen und 1 zusätzliche Feinschmutzkehrwalze.
Hand sweeper DuroSweep 77 Pro
For regular professional use for very large areas up to up to 3,000 m²

FAQ - brought to the point

Yes, the specially designed disc bins allow sweeping of both wet and dry debris.

Due to the unique design, anything can be swept in that fits into the opening between the plate brooms. The weight is also not decisive.

An exact time is not possible, because it depends on the frequency of use.
BUT: We give 4 years warranty on the wear of the plate brooms. If they wear out within this time, we will replace them for FREE.

No, the bristles do not need to be replaced. With a little trick, the bristles can be realigned: Simply dampen the bristles and blow dry them with a hair dryer. This will realign the bristles again.

The best way to store your sweeper is folded up in the upright position. This will save you space and the leg irons will be less bent.

No, that to do with the design of the sweeper. When you sweep stones or grit, the container quickly becomes so heavy that it is almost impossible to lift.

Sweepers 1x1

Easy handling with a sweeper of the "haaga" brand

With the help of a handle, the sweeper is pushed forward and the attached brushes and brooms are set in motion by means of a gear drive. Due to the counter-rotating movement, the dirt is catapulted into the collection container provided for this purpose. Manual sweepers are ideal for flat surfaces, as the brushes and brooms can lie optimally flat here. In addition, when using manual sweepers, the surface to be cleaned should not be too wet, otherwise not all dirt particles could be collected.

Powerful and efficient
With a solid sweeping performance, hand sweepers from haaga conjure up clean sidewalks, streets, driveways, patios and more in no time. Goodbye finger pointing from outsiders.

You want to clean paved surfaces? Then the question arises, which sweeper is suitable for paving stones? If it is a matter of densely laid paving with small gaps, you are always well advised with a haaga 255. For larger areas, it is recommended to use the haaga 477 Profi or haaga 497 Profi in order to achieve the best possible result.

When buying a hand sweeper, you should consider a few more questions. What types of dirt and what quantities do you want to remove. The size of the area to be cleaned also plays a major role. With a hand sweeper you can clean concrete, asphalt, tiles, carpets and much more. Whether in the office, in the warehouse or on the open space, even building blocks in the children's room, there are countless possibilities - the hand sweepers from Electrostar convince with performance and comfort.
Whether manual or battery-powered - successfully fight the dirt with a suitable hand sweeper.