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New (plate) brooms sweep well. And two of them sweep twice as much, especially if they are the patented disc brooms of the Haaga sweepers.
For small and large areas, wet and dry, coarse and fine sweeping material - here, everyone finds the machine that exactly meets their requirements.

Sweeper manual

With the manual sweepers, large areas can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Always ready for use and equipped with the proven turbo sweeping system, the job is done quickly.

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Battery powered sweeper

With the battery-powered sweepers, even large areas are swept even faster and more conveniently. Thanks to powerful rechargeable batteries, you can work at full power for a long time.

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User Testimonials

See what other professionals have to say about our sweepers.

User testimonials

Hand sweeper - haaga 375
Sweeper with 75 cm sweeping width and area capacity up to 1. 000 m². 2 disc brushes and 50 l container.
Hand sweeper - haaga 255
Kehrmaschine mit Flächenleistung bis 500 qm. Mit beidseitigen Tellerbesen und Führungsrollen.
Hand sweeper - haaga 477 Profi
Hand sweeper - haaga 497 Profi
Manuell betriebene Kehrmaschine mit 97cm Kehrbreite. Für Flächen bis 2.000 m². 2 Tellerbesen und 1 zusätzliche Feinschmutzkehrwalze.
Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 677 Profi
Battery-powered sweeper with 77 cm sweeping width. Disc brushes and fine dirt sweeping roller. Can also be used with an empty battery.
Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 697 Profi
Battery-powered sweeper with 97 cm sweeping width. Disc broom and fine dirt sweeping roller. Can also be used with an empty battery.
Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 697 Profi Plus
Battery-powered sweeper with 97 cm sweeping width. 2 disc brushes and 1 fine dirt sweeping roller. With soft grip.

Deciding made easy

With our range of sweepers, the question naturally arises as to which is the right one for the intended use. That's why we've developed our product advisor to help everyone find the right sweeper.

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