Hand sweeper DuroSweep 77 Pro 18V

For regular professional use for very large areas up to 3,600 m².

The new generation of sweepers!

Now even more durable and powerful

Thanks to the two-stage sweeping system, coarse to fine dirt can be effectively picked up. The disc broom system is combined with a fine dirt sweeping roller behind it. The swept area is thus swept twice.
To set the optimum brush height and maximize cleaning performance on different floors, the height adjustment has 7 steps. The side guide roller allows damage-free sweeping along curbs and walls. Overhanging disc broom and brush downholder allow sweeping hard-to-reach areas under edges and at corners.
Ergonomic push bar adjusts up or down, depending on operator height, without tools. Battery-powered disc broom drive with 4-stage speed control and built-in warning indicator to indicate disc broom blockage. Features front white LED light for path illumination.
High quality durable disc brooms: 4 year warranty on brush wear.
The unit is 100% compatible with the multi-vendor CAS Composite Cordless Alliance System.
Battery and charger are not included.

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Fine dirt sweeping roller yes
Drive coupling positive & self-lubricating yes
Lighting yes
Battery-powered 18V CAS Batterie (not included in the scope of delivery)
Disc brushes projecting on both sides yes
Brush height adjustment yes
Brush pressure pad yes
Ergonomic push handle yes
Height-adjustable telescopic push handle yes
Loading time with quick charger ASC 145 (item no. 448855) charging time 5.2 Ah 36 min; with battery charger ASC 55 (item no. 448848) charging time 5.2 Ah 100 min
Runtime with battery pack Li Power 18V 5.2 Ah (item no. 459745) running time at highest speed approx. 120 min
Gearbox protected against dirt yes
Lateral guidance yes
Turbo sweeping system yes
Battery type CAS 18V
Operating principle Turbo sweeping system
Container volume 50 liters
Brush drive Battery operated (4-stage)
Sweeping width 77 cm
Sweeping capacity 3600 m²/h
Weight 16 kg (without battery)


  • Strong power for sweeping large areas thanks to CAS drive and lighting for even better results

  • Easy change of the battery

  • Wet and/or dry sweeping

  • More sweeping performance due to disc brooms protruding on both sides

  • Space-saving storage
  • Sweep fine/coarse dirt effortlessly

  • Extremely smooth running of the disc brooms due to new design

  • Longer service life of wear parts and service-friendly maintenance

  • Top quality "Made in Germany"

  • Easy sweeping on curbs and walls due to additional guide rollers
  • The top functions

    A higher sweeping performance is achieved by 2 high-quality disc brooms at the same time. The overhang also allows sweeping under edges.


    Space saving and clean


    Depending on the height of the operator, the rubberized, angled handle area can be mounted up or down without tools.


    New locking mechanism for easy opening. Convenient emptying thanks to new drain edge.


    Retain dust and dirt inside the machine. Due to new design, longer durability and dust-free sweeping.


    Robust and smooth operation of the 7-step height adjustment, for setting the optimum brush height and maximizing cleaning performance on different floors.


    For sweeping close to the edge.


    With 4-stage speed control and integrated warning indicator to show when the disc brushes are blocked. Battery charge indicator included.

    Allows clean sweeping in dark corners and poorly lit areas.


    Recommended accessories

    (Not included in the scope of delivery)

    Battery pack Li-Power 18V 5.2 Ah
    Battery pack Li-Power 18V 5.2 Ah

    At highest speed approx. 120 minutes running time

    to the product

    Quick charger ASC 145
    Quick charger ASC 145

    Charging time with a 5.2 Ah battery: 36 minutes

    to the product

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