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Disinfection dispenser

Experience disinfection in a new way! The stylish dispensers and the unique gel once again raise the topic of disinfection to a new level.

"The appealing design as well as the caring disinfectant solution have already received a lot of praise, especially the scent and the properties of the solution are well received. We have also noticed that our customers react very positively to the product and automatically use the dispenser. I am also thrilled with the simple and valuable design of the dispenser, which visually fits perfectly into our boutique environment."

Richard Mille Boutique Munich

"Three disinfection dispensers are in our possession and also in daily use. The structure, the dosage as well as the refilling is very user-friendly and therefore very easy.
The aloe hyaluron gel is very skin-friendly, this is noticeable from the first application. We are completely satisfied and recommend it to anyone looking for such a great product."

Haller Law firm mbH

"Since the pandemic began, we've already replaced three disinfection dispensers - because of poor quality and design that just doesn't fit our customer base. My customers come for a great shopping experience and hand disinfection is now part of that. The PureDico hit the nail on the head, this is definitely the highest quality and most stylish disinfection station in the market. I am very pleased!"

Abseits Germany

"The dispenser is now in our foyer and looks very good from the visual design! The functionality is great, because it is possible to get disinfectant without contact.
The dosage from the disinfectant is perfect. It is just enough so that you can disinfect your hands sufficiently. The disinfectant itself is the best I've used. It feels great, absorbs quickly and smells very pleasant."

Tennis Club Weissenhof

Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt

"We are very satisfied with the dispenser. It blends in perfectly with our entrance area visually and the disinfectant is great!"

Renowned law and notary firm

Hair dryer

Whether hose device, wall hair dryer or on height adjustment, depending on your needs the ideal solution!

Hair dryer TB-C1

Changing rooms in the Barbarossa thermal baths

STH 2400 Z

Gymnasium and swimming pool of the Geschwister-Scholl-School, Worms

Photo: Daniel Vieser Architektufotografie, Karlsruhe

Hair dryer TH-C1 on height adjustment
and Hand Hair Dryer HFTW 16

Leisure pool juramare in Gunzenhausen

Hair dryer TH-C1 Mw and TB-C1

Salemer Indoor pool

Vandal Hair Dryer
TH-C1 Mw on the
height adjustment H-C1 M

Aqua Mundo swimming paradise at Center Parcs in Park Allgäu

Hand hair dryer

Contemporary comfort in hotel and guest bathrooms, wellness and fitness, swimming pool and sauna facilities.

Hand hair dryer HFXW 20

Changing rooms in the indoor swimming pool Blautopfbäder, Blaubeuren

Hand hair dryer HF Series

Demonstration room Hotel Competence Center Ltd.

Hand hair dryer HF Series

Franken Therme in Bad Windsheim