Battery vacuum cleaner - ISC BATRIX M 36-18V

Staubklasse M
Battery wet-dry vacuum cleaner dust class M

The first cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner with giant power

For the first time, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery manages the power of a mains vacuum cleaner. Up to 100 minutes running time (with 2 x 18V 10.0 Ah batteries)! The 3-stage power regulation makes longer battery runtimes possible at the same time.
For vacuuming directly on the power tool for drilling, milling, grinding and sawing work, concrete, gypsum, stone, cement, paints (dust hazardous to health, dust class "M"). Very suitable for use on the construction site and in the workshop.
With the unique Cordless- Control, the ON/OFF/AUTO control of the vacuum can now also be done via a cordless power tool.
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Filter bag 3 pieces FBPE 25/35. In the after-sale part no. 425764 (pack of 5)
Accessory Hose EL 35-400 (electrically conductive), rotatable connection sleeve, 1 x handle tube ES, 2 x suction tube ES, 1 x floor nozzle 30, 1 x Cordless Control (CoCo) Optional: 2 x battery pack 18V Li-HD 10.0 Ah... Double quick charger ASC 145 DUO item no. 458991
Starbox holder (System Systainer), not lockable yes (lockable with "Unifix", order separately part no. 449432)
Water level detection (mechanical) yes
Rotary valve: flexible use of fleece filter bag and PE emptying bag yes
Speed controller yes
Electrical volume flow monitoring with visual + acoustic warning function yes
Electrostatic discharge yes
Filter indicator light yes
Main filter FKP 4800 M ADVANCED (polyester) Dust retention: 99.9% Item no. 459257
Impulse filter cleaning yes, during work breaks
Soft start/run-on yes
Hose fixation yes
Carrying handle yes
Closure for intake manifold yes
Preselection switch volume flow/ hose ø ja, 15, 27, 32, 35, 42 mm
Accessories depot yes
Volume flow (max.) 67 / 38 l/s, measured at motor head / hose end
Weight 12,5 kg
Voltage 36 V (1 x 36V / 2 x 18V)

Advantages at a glance

  • Full power with professional equipment
  • Automatic control with accutool - CoCo
  • Cordless Control: With the unique Cordless Control, the ON/OFF/AUTO control of the vacuum can now also be done via a cordless power tool.

    Starmix Batrix Vorteil - Cordless Control

    Compatible with the leading battery technology in the industry - all 18V or 36V battery packs of the manufacturer-independent CAS system can be used.

    Starmix Batrix Vorteil - Cordless Alliance System - Ein Akku für alle.

    The electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning cleans the filters during the work break, so that afterwards suction can be continued with unchanged high air flow.

    Starmix Batrix Vorteil - Saubere Filter.

    Well thought-out storage option on the suction cup for:
    Accessories (depot at the back)
    Suction hose (2 hooks that can be folded in at the side)
    Systainer (Not lockable. Lockable only with separate adapter plate "Unifix" part no. 449432)

    Starmix Batrix Vorteil - Durchdachte Aufbewahrungsmöglicheit am Sauger.

    The world's first cordless vacuum cleaner that can match the power of a mains unit.  The 3-stage power control allows optimal use and extension of battery life. 

    A version is available for class L (non-hazardous) and class M (hazardous) dusts. So everyone is optimally protected. 

    Save now!

    When purchasing a safety vacuum cleaner of dust class M, H, or H-asbestos, you can receive a subsidy from BG Bau of up to € 300.

    learn more

    Harmful fine dusts? With our class M, H and H-asbestos safety vacuums, you don't have to worry anymore.

    The goal of our safety vacuums is to prevent uncontrolled dust generation around the user. Our safety vacuums extract the dust particles directly at the point of origin, the power tool, and filter them out of the aspirated air via dust class M or H filters.

    Frequently asked questions

    Explained briefly and clearly:

    No. Only the supplied hose can be connected to the Batrix. The container and hose are coded to protect the electronics from damage.

    All 18V or 36V batteries from the CAS system (Cordless Allicance System) can be used. Please note the different runtimes with an 8.0 or 10.0 Ah battery.

    The tape of the transmitter is fixed either around the suction hose or the power tool. Set suction to AUTO, the suction starts and stops when the power tool starts and stops. Note: The closer the transmitter is attached to the power tool, the more accurate the vibration detection will work. If it is necessary to pair the transmitter with the vacuum again: Press the button on the transmitter until it lights up blue to pair the transmitter with the vacuum.

    On the front panel of the vacuum cleaner is the battery indicator, this is always lit during operation: 5 LEDs = 100% capacity 3 LEDs = 60% capacity 30 seconds before the battery is empty, the last LED flashes for 3 seconds and a hoot sounds (only for M vacuums).


    Sale in Starmix store
    Unifix - adapter plate
    Adapter plate for fixing all common toolbox systems
    EUR69.00* EUR90.56*
    FKP 4800 M Advanced
    Pleated filter cassettes for ISP iPulse, ISC, IS series
    FBPE 25-35 - 5 pieces
    Emptying and disposal bags - 5 pieces. For IS 25l M- + H-vacuum cleaner, iPulse M- + H-vacuum cleaner. ISC (25l container) and iPulse (35l container) M and H vacuum cleaners.
    Battery pack 18 V 10.0 ah Li-HD
    Intelligent battery management for long life with patented "AIR COOLED" charging technology.
    Suction hose 35-500 with red air slide
    Suction hose 35-500 (Ø 35 mm x 5 m) with red secondary air ring.
    Handle tube 35 with secondary air slide
    Handle tube plastic with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
    Suction tube 35-50
    Suction tube plastic Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
    Sale in Starmix store
    Set radio socket EU + Cordless Control
    Automatic start/stop with Cordless Control. The wireless connection between the vacuum and Powertools. The best ON-OFF relationship!
    EUR99.00* EUR139.83*

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    Battery charger SC 30
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    Battery pack 18 V 10.0 ah Li-HD
    Intelligent battery management for long life with patented "AIR COOLED" charging technology.
    Battery pack 18V LI-Power 2.0 Ah
    Li-Power-Akkupack 18V 2.0 Ah
    Battery pack 18V Li-Power 5.2 Ah
    Li-Power battery pack 18V 5.2 Ah for Quadrix and SMART vacuums
    Quick charger ASC 145
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    Quick charger ASC 145 Duo
    Quick charger ASC 145 DUO is suitable for charging Starmix and CAS Li-Ion battery packs (Cordless Alliance System).
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