Unifix - adapter plate

Adapter plate for fixing all common toolbox systems


- the Unifix adapter plate, which fits universally on all starmix series iPulse, ISP and ISC. It can be easily mounted and locked by hand without tools, while at the same time reliably and stably fixing the boxes to the suction head.
With the adapter plate mounted, all operating elements and slots for suction tubes and nozzles are accessible and usable. In addition, the plate offers convenient storage of the power cord and suction hose through integrated foldable cable hook and two hose hooks.
The plate is compatible with all common tool box systems, such as Systainer Classic, -T-Loc and -Midi as well as Sortimo/Bosch (L-Boxx). Dimensions (LxWxH): 450 x 390 x 75 mm Weight: 1.2 kg
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Dimensions 45 x 39 x 7,5 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 1.2 kg

Advantages at a glance

  • All common tool boxes of the "Systainer" systems (T-Loc/ Classic/ Midi) and "Sortimo/Bosch (L-Boxx)"

  • Compatible with all starmix suction cups of the series iPulse, ISP, ISC and Batrix series

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Hose rewind

  • Integrated cable hook

  • Top quality "Made in Germany"
  • Simple and secure attachment. The hose is wrapped around the suction head and pressed three times into the hose hooks on both sides.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

    The integrated cable hook ensures safe transport of the red power cable.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

    For secure fastening of boxes that do not correspond to the Systainer or Sortimo system or of other objects.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

    Also perfectly equipped for stationary work in the workshop. The required tool is always within reach with UNIFIX.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

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