Universal vacuum cleaner - iPulse L-1635 Basic

Made in Germany
Staubklasse L
Vacuum cleaner with Permanent-Clean filter cleaning, dust class L and basic equipment

Construction site vacuum cleaner / craftsman vacuum cleaner with plastic accessories and basic equipment

For the toughest continuous use for vacuuming directly at the power tool for drilling, milling, grinding and sawing work, concrete, plaster, stone, cement, wood, paints, varnishes (non-hazardous dusts, dust class "L"). A highly intelligent electronic system measures the negative pressure before and after the filter (pressure difference measurement "DDM").
As soon as the vacuum falls below the factory-set value, the impulse filter cleaning system switches on automatically and cleans both filters in succession within 3.5 seconds, without interrupting work. Even the most difficult fine and problematic dusts - such as gypsum - are easily removed from the filters.
Advantage: cleaning as required with a constant high air flow, optimum force effect on the filter, significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter service life, saves time and costs.
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Accessories set BASIC, only single parts can be ordered. 1x Suction hose m.rt. secondary air ring, Ø 35 mm x 5 m (item no. 447193); 1x handle tube, plastic w. secondary air slide (item no. 424804); 2x suction tube, plastic each 50 cm (item no. 424859); 1x crevice nozzle 22 cm long (item no. 417011); 1x connection sleeve stepped (item no. 425719); 1x floor nozzle 30 BG Bau (item no. 440941)
Filter bag 1 piece FBV 25-35. re-purchase part no. 411231 (pack of 5)
Main filter FKP 4800 M ADVANCED (polyester) Dust retention: 99.9% Item no. 459257
Impulse filter cleaning yes - iPulse
Smartfix for toolbox no, multifunctional elementt
Speed controller yes, stepless
Multifunctional element yes, 4x
Filter indicator light yes
Appliance socket yes
Preselection switch volume flow/ hose ø no
Electrical volume flow monitoring with visual + acoustic warning function no
Rotary valve: flexible use of fleece filter bag and PE emptying bag yes
Carrying handle with cable hook/ hose fixation yes/yes (1 velcro)
Closure for intake manifold yes
Filter indicator light yes
Soft start/run-on yes
Water level detection yes
Water level detection (Auto shut-off) yes
Accessories depot no, optional (part no. 445113)
Antistatic prepared yes
Power consumption (max.) 1600 watt
Volume flow (max.) measured at the motor head / hose end: 75 / 45 l/s
Negative pressure (max.) measured at the motor head / hose end: 280 / 245 mbarr
Tank volume (max.) Gross dust-water 35/25/22 l plastic
Sound pressure level 69 dB(A)
Dimensions 53 x 40 x 56 cm
Weight 15.6 kg
Mains cable length 8 (rubber, H05RR-F), red
Action radius 13.0 - 14.0 m

Advantages at a glance

  • DDM Continuous monitoring of filter occupancy

  • Filter cleaning in 3.5 sec.

  • High performance motor for more vacuum
    and volume flow
  • Cleaning with 300 times acceleration due to gravity

  • Strong suction power without interruption

  • Available for the dust classes L/M/H asbestos

  • Top quality "Made in Germany"
  • An intelligent electronic system measures the negative pressure (DDM) by means of sensors upstream and downstream of the filter. As soon as the factory-set differential vacuum value is reached, the impulse filter cleaning system switches on automatically and cleans the two filter cassettes one after the other in approx. 3.5 seconds each with electromagnetic shocks. Even problem dust such as gypsum cannot withstand the forces acting during this process - more than 300 times the acceleration due to gravity (300 g).

    iPulse Vorteil - Druckdifferenzmessung

    Easy and clean access to the filter cassettes. No contact with dirt or dust when changing filters.

    iPulse Vorteil - Einfacher Filterwechsel.

    Impact-resistant, extremely robust construction. Easy, fast emptying due to smooth inner walls. Very stable with large wheels and swivel castors.

    iPulse Vorteil - Doppelwandiger Behälter.

    Optimum dust filling volume with the starmix rotary valve. The use of a PE emptying bag requires different air conditions in the container than fleece filter bags. With the ingeniously simple rotary slide, both bags (use according to application instructions!) can be used by flipping the slide.
    OPEN = PE emptying bag
    CLOSE = fleece filter bag

    Filters mounted parallel to the motor axis mean that almost the entire tank volume is available

    iPulse Vorteil - Hohes Nettovolumen.
    STOP dust


    iPulse - intelligent pulse filter cleaning

    Your iPulse for all dust classes (L, M and H)

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    Great performance what the vacuum swallows everything. Even when sanding wood, everything is sucked away, nothing remains in the air. The whole "package" is just great and saves us valuable time. I am a fan of the iPulse. It doesn't get any dustier than this!


    The iPulse is a strong vacuum that is surprisingly quiet and also works with consistently high suction power. The automatic shaking of the filter is a fine thing. In my eyes, a clear suction recommendation!


    When sanding car parts, it is especially valuable that the device does not dust out and the connected tools do not go out when shaking. The devices suck so well that we have completely switched from the competitor to starmix.


    FB 35
    Driving handle for iPulse series
    FKP 4800 M Advanced
    Pleated filter cassettes for ISP iPulse, ISC, IS series
    Accessory holder
    Retrofit accessory holder for iPulse series
    FBV 25-35 - 5 pieces
    Fleece filter bag for 25l and 35l container. For ISP/ISC/IS series with 25l and 35l containers.
    Suction hose 35-500
    Suction hose 35-500 (Ø 35 mm x 5 m) with red secondary air ring.
    Handle tube 35 with secondary air slide
    Handle tube plastic with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
    Suction tube 35-50
    Suction tube plastic Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
    Joint nozzle 22
    Plastic crevice nozzle 22 cm long
    Connection sleeve stepped
    Connection sleeve stepped conical Ø 25.5-38 mm, length 11 cm
    Floor nozzle 30
    Floor nozzle BG Bau 30 cm wide