Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft L-1422 HKR

designed in Germany
Staubklasse L
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning operations with class L dusts.

Compact, maneuverable and robust wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Equipped with sturdy driving crossbeam and large wheels as well as brakable swivel castors. Perfect as a cleaning vacuum for quick use at home, in the hobby cellar or in the workshop. Application-oriented accessories and well thought-out detailed solutions make this starmix all-purpose vacuum cleaner a helpful all-rounder - wherever cleanliness is required.

The top of the container offers space for storing tools and small parts. The optimized design with the suction hose connection in the suction head ensures a larger net volume and easy emptying.
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Accessories set 1x suction hose 1.9m, ergonomic grip tube, plastic, art. no. 454849; 2x suction tube plastic (50 cm each); 1x floor nozzle with bristle and rubber strips; 1x crevice nozzle 22.5 cm; Additional purchase: crevice nozzle 22, Art. No. 417011; floor nozzle 26, Art. No. 434773
Filter bag 1 x FBV 22, repurchase part no. 454870 (5 pieces)
Additional filter no
Main filter Pleated filter cartridge FPP 3400, dust retention capacity: 99.9%, item no. 465562
Filter cleaning nein
Speed controller no
Carrying handle with cable and hose winder ja
Appliance socket nein
Driving handle nein
Parking position ja
Soft start/run-on nein
Water level detection ja
Accessories depot yes
Antistatic prepared no
Power consumption (max.) 1400 watt
Volume flow (max.) am Motorkopf gemessen: 71 l/s
Negative pressure (max.) am Motorkopf gemessen: 255 mbar
Tank volume (max.) Gross dust-water 22/16/14 l; Kunststoffbehälter
Sound pressure level 72 dB(A)
Dimensions 38 x 37 x 50,5 cm
Weight 6,3 kg
Mains cable length 6 m (PVC), rot
Action radius 7,9 m - 8,9 m

Advantages at a glance

The water level is detected by a float. As soon as the maximum filling volume is reached, no further liquid can be aspirated automatically.

HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

Light, compact and maneuverable - easy to transport and stable to drive. The top of the container offers space for storing tools and small parts. Suction hose and cable are safely stowed with a practical elastic band. 

HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

All models have an accessory depot for storing all accessories during work and transport.

eCraft Reinigung-Zubehördepot

Suction hose connection in the suction head ensures larger net volume and easy emptying. The low center of gravity of the container provides perfect stability. 



FPP 3400
Polyester pleated filter cartridge
FBV 22 - 5 pieces
Fleece filter bag (5 pieces), tear-resistant fleece filter material. Only for eCRAFT 1422, PL-1422, APL-1422.
Handle tube 35
Plastic handle tube without secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
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Universal vacuum cleaner - eCraft PL-1422 EWR
The specialist for cleaning work: Commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning cleaning offices, garages and around the house
EUR201.29* EUR236.81*
Water vacuum cleaner - uClean LD-1432 Wet
The wet-cleaning vacuum cleaner for fast and effective suction of a wide variety of liquids. Also suitable for dry cleaning.
Water vacuum cleaner - uClean LD-1445 Wet
The wet vacuum cleaner with large 45-liter tank and drain hose.
Joint nozzle 22
Plastic crevice nozzle 22 cm long
Floor nozzle 26
Floor nozzle 26 cm wide