Hand dryer - T-C BL HEPA

Hand dryer with HEPA filter

Hygienic - sustainable - efficient with HEPA filter and UV-C lamp!

The dryer is a true multi-product with its plug & play functionality there are no more on-site service costs. A strong, concentrated air stream wipes the water off the hands. Hands are dry in under 12 seconds!
Not only dries hands, but cleans indoor air at the same time with HEPA inside, UV-C and ion generator. Brushless motor provides over 5000 hrs run time and 320 watts of low power consumption that does not compromise on performance .
Sensors activate the hand dryer without contact - a hygienic, simple and safe operation even for people with disabilities and children.
Optimally suited for quiet places such as offices and schools.
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Filter HEPA (H13)
Filter change display LED Light
Integrated mounting plate yes with Plug & Play
Air desinfection UVC lamp, plasma ion generator
Connector Fixed connection
Vandal proof no
Switch on/off contactless
Case Material ABS plastic, Fireproof 94VO
Case color white
Protective contact socket (on the wall bracket) no
Sensor safety shutdown yes
Safety temperature limiter yes
Thermal fuse yes
Flush with wall/behind handle yes
Heating capacity 400 watt
Air velocity 345 km/h
Air flow 23,3 l/s
Motor speed 30,000 U/min
Motor power 320 watt
Nominal power 720 watt
Relative drying time 12 sec.
Protection class (IP) IPX3
Protection class I

Advantages at a glance

  • 3 years warranty

  • brushless motor

  • sustainable

  • quiet operation (68 dB)

  • 12 sec. drying time
  • ultra-hygienic

  • ultra-efficient

  • HEPA filter

  • Plug & Play
  • Installation of the T-C BL HEPA could not be easier. Simply screw on the mounting plate, slide the hand dryer onto the plate and off you go!

    The air sterilizer ensures permanently clean air. For the sustainability aspect, this is alternately one hour in operation and one hour in rest mode.

    At only 68 dB, the T-C BL HEPA is also ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as offices, schools and hospitals.

    This makes the hand dryer particularly durable and low-maintenance.

    At will, the hand dryer can be operated with warm or cold air.

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