Fast and mobile with the SMART L 18V from ELECTROSTAR


Fast and mobile with the SMART L 18V from ELECTROSTAR

New cordless vacuum cleaner in the starmix range

Stuttgart/Ebersbach, July 11, 2022 – To avoid having to unpack the industrial vacuum cleaner every time, ELECTROSTAR now offers the SMART L 18V. If you just need to saw something off, drill a hole quickly, or if something has fallen dodwn in a hurry and needs to be vacuumed up, the SMART  L 18V is right at hand. With this, ELECTROSTAR/starmix, a member of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS), is taking another step towards a cordless future in the trades.

Say goodbye to looking for a socket and tripping over cables - with an empty weight of just over 4 kg, the new cordless vacuum cleaner from ELECTROSTAR/starmix can be easily hung around the shoulder and is ready to use straight away. This makes it particularly suitable as a supplement for smaller jobs for professional users, but also for DIY craftsmen at home. Thanks to the powerful CAS battery technology, the little helper quickly and reliably vacuums up dirt at any location, whether wet or dry. But that's not all. With the help of the blowing function, the handy companion can also blow out, dry and discharge exhaust air conveniently in addition to vacuuming.

The CAS battery power not only gives the SMART super suction power, it also makes it the ideal addition for all craftsmen who already use devices from the CAS fleet. This means that the rechargeable batteries can easily be used across all devices. While the SMART is particularly powerful in Boost mode, it can also be operated with slightly less power in the environmentally friendly Eco mode.

A special bonus is the new accessory system. With the new QUIX system, all parts can be changed quickly, safely and easily. This not only saves time, but is also easy on the nerves and on the material for particularly long-lasting products. The tool sleeve and handle tube can be attached with just one movement and immediately snap into place. Just as easy as attaching the various attachments is removing them, which can be done without difficulty with just a flick of the wrist.

The compact size should not obscure the powerful performance. The SMART has a volume flow of 37 l/s and a negative pressure of up to 130 mbar. In accordance with dust class "L" and equipped with a pleated filter, the cordless vacuum cleaner also retains at least 99% of the dust it sucks in. It is also possible to extend the hose from half a meter to almost three meters. This means that the SMART can reach even the most remote corner and is ideal for almost any situation.


ELECTROSTAR/starmix - a piece of German industrial history that is being continued with great success in the 21st century. The industrious Swabians have been manufacturing hoovers since 1921 and invented the hot-air hand dryer four years later. In the years of the economic miracle, starmix achieved world renown: the universal starmix kitchen machine became a bestseller that no good household could do without. Today, ELECTROSTAR GmbH, which has been part of the Algo Group since 2007, stands for innovative technologies, outstanding quality and uncompromising customer orientation. Under the starmix brand, the company develops, produces and sells a wide range of powerful vacuum cleaners for trade, commerce and industry worldwide. From the starmix sanitary business field, modern warm air and high-speed hand and hair dryers as well as an extensive hospitality product range complete the portfolio. Since the acquisition of Haaga Kehrsysteme GmbH in 2012, innovative sweeping machines have also been part of the product range. In 2020, ELECTROSTAR/starmix and Haaga Kehrsysteme merged. The company employs around 200 people at its sites in Ebersbach. With the two brands starmix and Haaga, a turnover of around 41 million euros was generated in 2020.


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