Discrimination against electric hand dryers has come to an end

SARS-CoV2 occupational health and safety rule revised.

Stuttgart/Ebersbach, 09. 06. 2021  With the announcement of the revised SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety rule, the disadvantage of electric hand dryers has come to an end. Accordingly, the passage that recommended employers turn off hand dryers until further notice has been eliminated. "We welcome the revision of the regulation and see our criticism of the de facto ban on electric hand dryers over the past nine months confirmed," says Roman Gorovoy, managing director of ELECTROSTAR/starmix and a founding member of the electric Hand Dryer Association (eHA). The task now is to restore lost trust and finally establish a fact-based dialogue on the subject of hand hygiene."

Throughout Europe, Germany was the state that had most strictly regulated or de facto banned the use of electric hand dryers. "The regulation lacked any scientific basis and seriously unsettled an entire industry and its employees," says Roman Gorovoy. "People's health always comes first for all of us. However, corona protection measures must be scientifically justified and based on facts at all times - only then will they lead to acceptance and success."

By withdrawing the regulation now, the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) is in line with independent recommendations from health institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Johns Hopkins University, which confirm the harmlessness of electric hand dryers. ELECTROSTAR/starmix and the eHA had lobbied the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) to adjust the hasty ban from last August to the factual situation.

The aim must now be to establish a genuine dialog on the subject of hand hygiene. All scientific findings show that extensive hand washing and complete drying are decisive for hygiene and thus for the protection of people. Even with regard to aerosol dispersal, there is no scientific evidence of hazard or differences between electric hand dryers and paper dryers.

"We expect that decisions of such magnitude will not be made simply on suspicion, without involving subject matter experts," Gorovoy says. This damages the reputation of Germany as a business location and is detrimental to the many medium-sized companies. At ELECTROSTAR/starmix alone, as one of the market leaders, the drop in sales as a result of the occupational safety regulation in the hand dryer segment amounted to up to 50 percent.

- a piece of German industrial history that is being continued with great success in the 21st century. The industrious Swabians have been manufacturing vacuum cleaners since 1921 and invented the hot-air hand dryer four years later. In the years of the economic miracle, starmix achieved world renown: the universal starmix kitchen machine became a bestseller that no good household could do without. Today, ELECTROSTAR GmbH, which has been part of the Algo Group since 2007, stands for innovative technologies, outstanding quality and uncompromising customer orientation. Under the starmix brand, the company develops, produces and sells a wide range of powerful vacuum cleaners for trade, commerce and industry worldwide. From the starmix sanitary business field, modern warm air and high-speed hand and hair dryers as well as an extensive hospitality product range complete the portfolio. Since the acquisition of Haaga Kehrsysteme GmbH in 2012, innovative sweepers have also been part of the product range. In 2020, ELECTROSTAR/starmix and Haaga Kehrsysteme merged. The company employs around 200 people at its sites in Ebersbach. The two brands starmix and Haaga generated a turnover of around 41 million euros in 2020.
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