Renovation and asbestos wave

Hobby craftsmen are particularly at risk

Stuttgart/Ebersbach, 11.12.2023  It was not until 1993 that the manufacture and use of asbestos was banned in Germany. Houses built before this date may therefore contain asbestos. The cancer-causing fiber can be contained in floor coverings or roof tiles, but also in tile adhesives, fillers and plasters. Florenz Stetter, Head of Product Management at ELECTROSTAR/starmix, warns against careless handling of the hazardous substance and unsuitable vacuum cleaners. 

Image: Dust containing asbestos dust must always be removed with suitable vacuum cleaners, here the iPulse H-1235 Asbestos Safe Plus from ELECTROSTAR/starmix.


Many buildings in which building materials containing asbestos were used are currently reaching the age of renovation. This also increases the risk of asbestos exposure. And the problem is widespread: It is currently estimated that around 9.4 million homes in Germany are contaminated with asbestos. Private individuals who are renovating their property are particularly at risk. "Even for experts, it is often difficult to recognize asbestos-containing materials at first glance. It is almost impossible for laypeople," warns Florenz Stetter. 

In addition to the problem of recognizing asbestos and reacting accordingly, the use of suitable vacuum cleaners is essential for safe working. Dust types are divided into classes L (light), M (medium) and H (high), which indicate the hazardousness of the dust. Dust class H asbestos is specifically for asbestos and requires special care. Vacuum cleaners that are approved for this dust class must contain the vacuumed dust and enable safe disposal. "Hobby craftsmen often expose themselves to a double danger. On the one hand, they unknowingly work with asbestos without protective equipment. Secondly, they often only use ordinary household or industrial vacuum cleaners, which do not safely trap and disperse the asbestos fibers," says Stetter. If in doubt, you should have specialist companies check whether asbestos is present in the building. If asbestos is found in the building, all demolition, renovation and maintenance work (known as ASI work) must be carried out by specialist companies. "Under no circumstances should private individuals handle building materials containing asbestos, even if they believe they have taken adequate protective measures," says Stetter.


Picture: Florenz Stetter sees DIY enthusiasts in particular at risk from asbestos. Quelle: ELECTROSTAR GmbH

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