ELECTROSTAR/starmix presents solutions for hazardous dusts.

Trade congress Bauen im Bestand

Stuttgart/Ebersbach, October 25, 2023 From 7 to 8 November 2023, the trade congress "Bauen im Bestand" will take place in Duisburg for the first time. The focus is on the main topic of "low-dust construction", which will be discussed by the participating representatives from the construction sector, trade, industry and science. ELECTROSTAR/starmix will be present with an exhibition stand and will present its in-house solutions about dust. 

Photo: Roman Gorovoy, Managing Director of ELECTROSTAR/starmix pleads for more sensitivity in dealing with construction dust.

The fact that asbestos is highly harmful to health has been known at least since the building material was banned in 1993. Until then, the building material was widely used due to its specific properties. The problematic material is now back in the public eye, as many years of buildings in which asbestos-containing materials were still used now have to be renovated. This creates dust, which is the real danger of asbestos. But it is not only asbestos dust that entails a high health risk. "A large number of dusts, for example from wood, ceramics, cement or minerals, with which workers in the trades and construction industry come into contact every day, have been proven to be carcinogenic. However, the danger is often taken lightly by both professional and amateur craftsmen and protective measures are neglected," says Florenz Stetter, Head of Product Management at ELECTROSTAR/starmix.

Low-dust work through simple preventive measures
As dangerous as dusts are for health, it is easy to take measures for safe working. First and foremost, personal protective equipment, usually in the form of a respirator, is the first choice. This also applies to small amounts of dust, which can be no less hazardous to health. In the case of a large amount of dust and problem dusts, support in the form of vacuum cleaners and dust extractors is necessary. The main difference between the types of equipment is that in the latter, the suction power is monitored by a warning device that emits acoustic and optical warning signals if the suction power is insufficient. This is an indispensable device, especially for problem dusts such as asbestos.

ELECTROSTAR/starmix offers solutions for all types of dust
"Making reliable vacuums and dust extractors that reliably protect health is part of our corporate DNA," says Roman Gorovoy, Managing Director of ELECTROSTAR/starmix. "At the same time, we see it as our duty to educate about the dangers of dust and the need for protective measures," says Gorovoy. "Therefore, we are particularly looking forward to the exchange at Bauen im Bestand."
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