Bohrfixx 60 Plus

Attachment for dust-free drilling - without subsequent cleaning work

Attachment for the extraction of boreholes - without subsequent cleaning work

Simply attach the suction hose to the Bohrfixx 60 Plus and work dust-free, because thanks to direct extraction at the point of origin and adjustable dust collection wings, you save yourself the cleaning work after drilling.

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The first of its kind in the world!

  • For vacuuming drill holes and smaller dust-generating jobs, e.g. with a multitool or hammer drill with chisel

  • Fixation by negative pressure on the wall, no additional hand required to hold the suction hose

  • 2-in-1 function thanks to foldable collection wings, enables larger extraction area

  • Can be used with all drilling tools (regardless of length and manufacturer)

  • Rubberized edge tolerates uneven surfaces, e.g. roughcast on walls

  • Flexible positioning and firm hold on walls, ceiling or floor

  • Saves time by eliminating subsequent cleaning work

  • Hose connection compatible with all standard suction sockets
  • ** Suitable for almost all common vacuum cleaners. Household vacuum cleaners can also be connected. Attention: Exceptions are vacuum cleaners with filter cleaning according to the "air backwash principle"!

    Step 1

    Insert suction hose

    Step 2

    Start the suction cup, bohrfixx to the wall

    Step 3

     Wings unfold

    Step 4

     Switch on the tool with sashes closed or open

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