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"Can it break?"
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iPulse RELOADEDiPulseuClean for Craft

uClean for Cleaning IndustrySweeper 400 seriesSweeper 600 series

Sweeper complete videoBohrfixx

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The control panelCordless ControlThe accessory storage

Change folded filterInsert filter bagHose rewind

The battery compartment

Commercials | Teaser | Viralspots

Airstar TeaseriPulse RELOADED Teaser

"Can It Break?"

The All vacuum cleanerThe punch of the hammerThe farm

TheSchrottplatzThe Racing iPulseThe All vacuum cleaner Part 2

Der suction test"O zoapft is" - Beer festival

uClean Teaser

MotorMotorkopfFilter & container volume

SmartStopAccessories storageBlowing function

Hose fixationTeaser uClean

Dry vacuum cleaner TS 714 RTS HEPA


starmix Kompetenzmagazin 2017/2018
starmix 95 years of competenceThe boss from Moskowstarmix Kompetenzmagazin

Product test

iPulse M for the workshop


Live from the ISSA Interclean Amsterdam


for individualists. With the distinctive drum sound of our iPulse vacuum cleaners or the sound from our cool dry vacuum cleaner video TS 714.

iPulse (mp3)iPulse (wav)Chicken Dry vacuum cleaner (mp3)Chicken Dry vacuum cleaner (wav)
iPulse (mp3)iPulse (wav)Dry vacuum cleaner (mp3)Dry vacuum cleaner (wav)

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