Folded filter cartridge FPPR 7200
Order no. 413372
FPPR 7200

Folded filter cartridge FPPR 7200

1 x polyester folded filter cartridge. Filter material: IFA (BIA)-proved for dust classification M.
– Filter surface area: 3600 cm2/7200 cm²
– Material: Polyester – Dust retention: 99.9%
Folded filter cartridge for vacuuming industrial dust, sawdust, brick, drilling and milling dust and other similar substances. Depending on the type of dust Safety vacuum cleaner must be used. Suitable for damp dust and liquids. Special polyester material with outstanding separation efficiency. Due to the double filter surface, FPPR 7200 is in comparison to FPPR 3600 suitable for longer work cycles -> For NSG/NTS/HS/GS-series from 35l container with vibrator.

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