Hand sweeper - StarSweep 65

For use around the house, in the garden as well as smaller commercial units

Leaves to leaves

If you have your own yard or at least have to do the "popular" sweeping of the sidewalk, you will appreciate the benefits of a sweeper.
For use around the house, in the garden as well as smaller commercial units.

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Drive Belt
Fine dirt sweeping roller yes
Disc brushes projecting on both sides yes
Brush height adjustment no
Brush pressure pad nein
Height-adjustable telescopic push handle yes, 2-stage
Lateral guidance no
Container volume 18 l
Brush drive manual
Sweeping width 65 cm
Sweeping capacity 2100 m²/h
Weight 10 kg

Advantages at a glance

With the disc brooms protruding on both sides, a better sweeping performance is achieved.

The push bar can be folded twice, which allows the sweeper to be stored conveniently and compactly.

Thanks to the padded push handle, pushing the machine is particularly comfortable.

Our price-performance hit!

Specially developed for the craftsman and DIY sector.

All devices of the Works-Line stand for:
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • 2 years warranty
  • Accessories included
  • Proven performance data for suction power and filter cleaning

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