Hand dryers vs. paper towel



The efficiency calculation compares the way of drying hands - electrical hand dryer and paper towel - with respect to various costs, working from the same fundamental prerequisites.

Come and find out how much you can save by switching to an electric starmix hand dryer.

How many devices are currently used?

Drag the slider to specify the number of paper towel dispensers currently in use.

How often are the devices in use?

Drag the slider to select the average number of uses per day for hand dryers and paper towels.

Average values of other cost factors

Replace these values with your own values to get a more accurate result.


Savings per year

Please select a starmix hand dryer to calculate your savings potential.



Please select a second hand dryer to compare the savings potential.


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Information about calculation

The operating costs of the hand dryer are calculated from the number of uses per year, the energy consumption (performance data of the selected appliance and your costs per kWh in €) and the drying time of the respective appliance model.

The operating costs of the paper towel dispensers are calculated from the number of uses per year, the number of paper towels per drying (2) and the cost per paper in cent.

The purchase price of the selected appliance and any costs for personnel and storage are not included.

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