Event of repair
Rental appliance

All starmix products undergo a strict 4 level quality screen process in accordance with the ISO 9001:

  1. Supplier management, with regular quality audits
  2. Quality controls at stock receipt
  3. Quality controls during the production process
  4. 100% quality and safety check of finished products

As a result our products have the highest safety standards, complying with European regulations, European standards (EN 60204 und 60335) and various national safety symbols.

Therefore we offer 3 years warranty (only in Germany), on following products in accordance with our warranty conditions:

Vaccum cleaners for the craft
ISP iPulse-series (all appliances, ISP/ISC)
ISC Compact-series (all appliances)
NSG uClean-series (all appliances)
NTS eSwift-series (all appliances)
Vacuum cleaners for the cleaning industy
NSG uClean-series (all appliances)
NTS eSwift-series (all appliances)
GS/HS-series (except GS 2078 & GS 3078)


TT 1800-series
XT 1000
T 80-series
T 60/100-series
TTH 1800-series
TH 80-series
TB 60/80-series
AirStar T-C1
AirStar TH-C1
AirStar TB-C1

5 years warranty in accordance with our warranty conditions on following series:
ST 2400
STH 2400
XT 3001

To all other products applies standard legal guarantee, as far as no other things have been agreed at individual terms. The warranty condition are only valid on German territory.

Please note for replacement, accessories or consumables: Any warranty claims become void if non-original resp. non-approved spare parts, accessories and expendable items, such as folded filter cassettes, cartridge filters or filter bags, have been used. The usage of non-approved filters may cause damage the vacuum cleaner, especially the suction unit.

In case of repair or warranty occurrence please contact our Central customer workshop or one of our other Customer Service:

Central customer workshop
U & W GmbH
Jakob-Wolf-Str. 26
D-63179 Obertshausen
Phone +49 (0) 61 04/60 05 100
Fax +49 (0) 32 12/12 39 075
E-Mail: info [at] uwgmbh.de
Factory customer service
Hans Sauer GmbH
Barkhausenweg 8
22339 Hamburg
Phone +49 (0) 40/5 38 99 20
Fax +49 (0) 40/5 38 10 37

What should I do in case of repair?

To handle the repair as quick as possible, please folow the following check list:

  1. Please enclose a copy of the receipt and the warranty card
  2. In warranty case, please contact our factory service department.
    In case of normal repair youcan contact any of our contracted workshops. Find here all addresses.
  3. Please pack up the product thoroughly, to aviod transport damage. Gerät transportsicher verpacken. We accept no liability for damage due to improper packing!
  4. Send the product either to our factory service department or to one of contracted workshops.

The workshop will take care of all further steps.

Do you need a rental appliance?

This can also be obtained from U & W Ltd. More information is available at http://www.uwgmbh.de/2.html

You would like to have a cordless vacuum cleaner repaired?

Please note:
- Always send in cordless devices without batteries - the batteries will remain with you!
- Li-ion batteries must not be sent to us or our customer service workshops even if they are built into the device!
Li-ion batteries are dangerous goods. Special regulations must be observed.
In the case of of complaints about single batteries, please contact our customer service workshops.

Disposal of batteries:

  • Do not throw battery packs into water!
  • Battery packs and machines must not be disposed of with household waste. Follow national regulations for separate collection and recycling.
  • Used cordless tools and batteries can be returned to specialist retailers, our customer service workshops or to local disposal points. This should normally be possible free of charge.
  • The battery must be returned secured against short circuit, e.g. insert in original packaging, isolate contacts with adhesive tape.
  • Before disposal, discharge the battery pack in the device.