Universal vacuum cleaner - uClean ADL-1420 EHP

Made in Germany
Staubklasse L
Power tool vacuum cleaner (wet/dry)

Power tool vacuum cleaner for universal use

Suitable for use in industry, in the workshop and on the construction site. Suitable for drilling, grinding, milling and sawing work with wood, concrete, stone, cement, with normal dust generation. Antistatic prepared.
With integrated socket for working with power tools. Large foot switch for on/off and automatic switch-on for the power tool. Additionally equipped with a blow-out function and an extremely robust filter cartridge.
The wobble-free accessory depot, hose rewind and plug fixation as well as the lateral parking position for the suction accessories allow easy carrying on the construction site and tidy stowage during transport.
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Filter bag 1 x FBV 20. additional purchase item no. 434827 (5 pieces)
Accessories set 1x suction hose, ø 35 mm x 3.2 m (item no. 413228); 1x handle tube, plastic with secondary air slide (item no. 424804); 2x suction tube, plastic (50 cm each) (item no. 424859); 1x crevice nozzle (22 cm long) (item no. 417011); 1x rubber nozzle (23 cm long) (item no. 425696); 1x floor nozzle 30 (BG Bau) (item no. 440941)
Additional filter 1 x FSS 1200 (foam)
Water level detection (mechanical) yes
Blow function yes
Speed controller yes, stepless
Driving handle no
Filter indicator light no
Appliance socket yes
Main filter FPP 3600 (polyester). Dust retention capacity: 99.9%, item no. 415109
Impulse filter cleaning no
Tilt chassis no
Parking position yes
Wheels and rollers rubberized no
Soft start/run-on yes
Hose rewind and plug fixation yes
SmartStop yes
Accessories depot yes
Antistatic prepared yes
Power consumption (max.) 1400 watt
Volume flow 69 l/s (max.)
Dimensions 43 x 39 x 55 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 8.5 kg

Advantages at a glance

  • Top performance through high-speed turbine

  • Enthusiastic handling due to clever details

  • Highest variability for versatile professionals
  • New cool design

  • Blowing function with 215 km/h
  • Single-stage high-speed motor with high-speed turbine. Optimum efficiency with significantly higher volume flow and vacuum than comparable motors with the same wattage. And significantly lighter and more compact at the same time. With proven starmix bypass cooling for wet and dry vacuuming. The service life of the carbon brushes is over 800 hours!

    Starmix uclean Vorteil - Leistungsstarker Schnelläufermotor

    • Compact, rectangular design: takes up little space, easy to carry, optimal for storage
    • Low center of gravity: High anti-tilt and best maneuverability
    • Robust wheels and castors: Easy and safe driving - even over "hill and dale"
    • Bayonet connection: Draw-proof connection between hose and container
    • High filling volume: Filters mounted parallel to the motor axle require no additional space in the container

    Starmix Uclean Vorteil - Mehr Nutzvolumen.

    Easy and clean access to the filter cassettes. No contact with dirt or dust when changing filters.

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - Einfacher Filterwechsel.

    With this new parking brake, the NSG can be quickly and stably fixed in the parking position - without hands, only with the foot. As a driving protection, it protects the chassis from damage and makes it easier to overcome obstacles. Furthermore, the foot brake can be used as an ergonomically shaped handle for easy and clean emptying of the container.

    Starmix Uclean Vorteil - SmartStopp.

    Simply clever: All included accessories can be stored safely on the device.

    Starmix Uclean Vorteil - Zubehöraufbewahrung.

    As simple as it is ingenious: wrap twice, snap once, done.

    Starmix Uclean Vorteil - Beste Schlauchaufwicklung.

    The I/O switch is easily accessible on the top of the container. In addition, it is used to select the automatic switch-on function (the vacuum starts automatically when the connected power tool is switched on) and the vibration function.

    Starmix uclean Vorteil - Kipp-Schalter

    Quick and easy: Just by loosening two screws, the red power cord can be changed.

    Starmix uclean Vorteil - Kipp-Schalter

    The water level is detected by a float. As soon as the maximum filling volume is reached, no further liquid can be aspirated automatically.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

    Put an end to dust!

    uClean - When flexibility is written BIG!

    The universal professional for versatile use with normal and low dust emission.

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    Small, light and handy is the uClean ADL-1420 EHP. Perfect to take along even when working on the roof. Ideal for cleaning surfaces, corners, joints but also for smaller jobs with the power tool. I always have it with me from now on!


    FPP 3600
    Polyester pleated filter cartridge
    FBV 20 - 5 pieces, uClean
    Fleece filter bag.  Suitable for all uClean series vacuum cleaners with 20l container.
    Hose 35-320
    Suction hose Ø 35 mm, length 3.2 m
    Handle tube 35 with secondary air slide
    Handle tube plastic with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
    Suction tube 35-50
    Suction tube plastic Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
    Joint nozzle 22
    Plastic crevice nozzle 22 cm long
    Rubber nozzle
    Rubber nozzle conical Ø 28-38 mm, length 23 cm
    Floor nozzle 30
    Floor nozzle BG Bau 30 cm wide
    FSS 1200 foam filter
    Foam filter FSS 1200