Hand sweeper battery powered - haaga 697 Profi Plus

Battery-powered sweeper

Sweeper for commercial use

Suitable for commercial use and for very large areas up to approx. 3,500 m² such as property management companies, cleaning companies. Perfect cleanliness and easy handling due to electric brush drive. No more pushing - just guiding: With turbo sweeping system, extremely manoeuvrable thanks to electric brush drive, can also be used manually with "empty" battery, sweeping capacity 4,100 m²/h with disc brushes projecting on both sides, with side roller on one side, infinitely variable height adjustment, 4-year guarantee on brush wear. Ergonomic push handle with soft grip.
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Fine dirt sweeping roller yes
Drive coupling positive & self-lubricating yes
Battery-powered yes; running time: approx. 120 min., charging time: approx. 9 hrs.
Disc brushes projecting on both sides yes
Brush height adjustment yes - stepless
Brush pressure pad yes
Ergonomic push handle yes
Flexible seals for low-dust sweeping yes
Height-adjustable telescopic push handle no
Gearbox protected against dirt yes
Lateral guidance yes - on one side
Turbo sweeping system yes
Operating principle Turbo sweeping system
Container volume (max.) 50 l
Brush drive battery-powered or manual
Sweeping width 97 cm (measured at the outer edge of the disc brushes)
Sweeping capacity 4,100 m²/h
Weight 21.1
Application areas Property management, cleaning companies, petrol stations, workshops, car parks, yard, warehouse, production hall


  • Sweep fine/coarse dirt effortlessly

  • Optimum cleaning performance on different floors due to infinitely variable brush height adjustment

  • Pleasant smooth running and long durability due to beltless drive

  • Wet and/or dry sweeping
  • More sweeping performance due to disc brushes projecting on both sides

  • Top quality "Made in Germany"

  • Space-saving storage

  • Easy sweeping on curbs and walls due to additional guide rollers

  • A higher sweeping performance is achieved through 2 high-quality disc brushes at the same time. The overhang also enables sweeping under edges.  


    The 180° movable bracket supports space-saving storage of the sweeper. This allows the machine to be stored in the smallest possible space when not in use.  


    The ergonomic push handle makes it particularly comfortable to use and is easy on the back. 


    The container shape supports easy crossing of obstacles. In addition, the container is easy to open and close thanks to the smart closure system. 

    Sweeps twice in one pass. Even the finest dirt is picked up.


    The height adjustment guarantees optimum ground hugging.


    These support the tracking of the disc brushes. The side roller additionally protects the bristles when sweeping close to the edge.

    Haaga sweeping series

    Proven system with improved technology

    Haaga sweepers are characterized by particularly easy handling and high quality. With the unique disc brush system, dirt is not pushed in front of the machine but transported directly into the collection container. Due to the Turbo sweeping system with additional sweeping roller, the dirt is picked up twice, with only one pass.

    "Made in Germany" is also an absolute quality criterion for our sweepers.


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