Universal vacuum cleaner - ISC L-1625 Top

Made in Germany
Staubklasse L
Power tool vacuum cleaner (wet/dry)


Whether for tough applications in industry, in the workshop or on the construction site - the ISC with automatic pulse filter cleaning* (during work breaks) offers proven technology and quality for use with high dust emissions. For extraction directly at the power tool for drilling, milling, grinding and sawing work, concrete, gypsum, stone, cement, wood, paints, varnishes (non-hazardous dusts, dust class "L").
The ISC is equipped with a high-performance turbine that delivers significantly more vacuum and volume flow than comparable motors. With the ISC, performance is combined with high flexibility, ergonomics and compact dimensions with an optimum usable volume.
Advantage: significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter service life, complete cleaning and constant high air flow. *"Automatic filter cleaning" = automatic activation of the vibrating magnets when the min. air flow is reached. Translated with (free version)
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Filter bag 1 piece FBV 25-35. re-purchase part no. 411231 (pack of 5)
Accessories set 1x suction hose w. rt. NLR, ø 35 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 447193); 1x handle tube, stainless steel with secondary air slide (Art. No. 421445); 2x suction tube, stainless steel (50 cm each) (Art. No. 424842); 1x crevice nozzle (22 cm long)(Art. No. 417011); 1x connection sleeve stepped (Art. No. 425719); 1x dust nozzle 37 with hard floor insert (Art. No. 414706)
Carrying handle with cable hook/ hose fixation yes/yes (1 velcro strap)
Signal tone if volume flow is too low no
Rotary valve: flexible use of fleece filter bag and PE emptying bag yes
Speed controller yes, stepless
Driving handle no
Filter indicator light yes
Appliance socket yes
Main filter FKP 4800 M ADVANCED (polyester) Dust retention: 99.9% Item no. 459257
Impulse filter cleaning yes, during work breaks
Soft start/run-on yes
Closure for intake manifold yes
Preselection switch volume flow/ hose ø no
Water level detection (Auto shut-off) yes
Accessories depot yes
Antistatic prepared yes
Power consumption (max.) 1600 watt
Volume flow (max.) 75 l/s measured at motor head, 45 l/s measured at hose end
Dimensions 45 x 39 x 49 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 12.2 kg

Advantages at a glance

  • Impulse filter cleaning during work breaks

  • High performance
  • Innovative filter technology

  • Top quality
  • Impulse filter cleaning

    The automatic, electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning cleans the filters so well during the work break that suction can then be continued with unchanged high air flow.

    HStarmix ISC Vorteil - Impulse-Filterabreinigung

    • Compact, rectangular design: takes up little space, easy to carry, optimal for storage
    • Low center of gravity: High anti-tilt and best maneuverability
    • Robust wheels and castors: Easy and safe driving - even over "hill and dale"
    • Bayonet connection: Draw-proof connection between hose and container
    • High filling volume: Filters mounted parallel to the motor axle require no additional space in the container.

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - Einfaches und sicheres Handling.

    Easy and clean access to the filter cassettes. No contact with dirt or dust when changing filters.

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - Einfacher Filterwechsel.

    User-friendly and simple operation: rotary switch for speed regulation or preselector switch for hose diameter*, selector switch for control of the power tool, vibration function, on/off, power socket.

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - Anwenderfreundliches Bedienfeld.

    *for vacuum cleaner of dust class M

    Lightweight but extremely strong double wall construction (25 l). Smooth inner walls for easy emptying of dust, dirt and liquids.

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - extrem stabile Doppelwand-Konstruktion.

    • Carrying handle and cable hook
    • Integrated storage area for tools and small parts
    • Depot for accessories storage

    Starmix ISC Vorteil - Praktische Details.
    One For All

    Unifix adapter plate

    which fits universally on all starmix series iPulse, ISP and ISC. The adapter is compatible with all common box systems, such as Systainer T-Loc, -Midi and the Systainer Classic as well as Bosch L-Boxx (Sortimo). With the adapter plate mounted, all operating elements and slots for accessories, such as suction tubes and nozzles, ...

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    FKP 4800 M Advanced
    Pleated filter cassettes for ISP iPulse, ISC, IS series
    FBV 25-35 - 5 pieces
    Fleece filter bag for 25l and 35l container. For ISP/ISC/IS series with 25l and 35l containers.
    Suction hose 35-500 with red air slide
    Suction hose 35-500 (Ø 35 mm x 5 m) with red secondary air ring.
    Handle tube ES 35 with NL
    Stainless steel handle tube with secondary air slide Ø 35 mm
    Suction tube ES 35-50
    Suction tube stainless steel Ø 35 mm, length 50 cm
    Joint nozzle 22
    Plastic crevice nozzle 22 cm long
    Connection sleeve stepped
    Connection sleeve stepped conical Ø 25.5-38 mm, length 11 cm
    Dust nozzle 37
    Dust nozzle 37 cm wide
    Sale in Starmix store
    Unifix - adapter plate
    Adapter plate for fixing all common toolbox systems
    EUR69.00* EUR90.56*
    Attachment for drill hole extraction. Drilling without leaving stains on the wall. For common drill bits up to 14mm Ø.