Battery powered sweeper

haaga 677 Profi

Sweeper haaga 677 Profi, Turbo sweeping system

Best sweeper for commercial use for large areas up to approx. 2,500 m² (e.g. for property management and cleaning companies). Maximum cleanliness and easy handling due to disc brush system. No pushing - just guiding: with turbo sweeping system, extremely manoevrable, manually usable even with empty battery, sweeping performance 3.600 m²/h with disc brush overlaying on both sides, with side rollers on one side, stepless brush height adjustment and 4 years warranty on brush wear.

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Sweeper haaga 677 Profi, Turbo sweeping systemThe brush height adjustment ensures optimum sweeping performance on different floor coverings.Brush downholder & guiding roller for sweeping near edges.iSweep: Form-fitting construction and self lubricating material to increase reliability and durability of the driving clutch.Disc brushes projecting on both sides for more sweeping performance.Sweeping big areas as car parksMade in Germany
Order no.100500
Disc brush systemyes
Turbo sweeping systemyes
Disc brush projecting on both sidesyes
Side rolleryes
on one side
Brush downholderyes
Brush height adjustmentyes
Gear coveryes
Ergonomic push handleyes
Flexible seals for low-dust sweepingyes
Running time90 min
Charging time420 min
Technical specifications
Working principleTurbo sweeping system
Brush driveelectric or manual
Sweeping width77 cm
Container volume (max.)50 l
Sweeping capacity3600 m²/h
Weight20.2 kg
Application areasproperty management, cleaning companies, petrol stations, workshops, car parks, warehouses, production halls