The starmix water extractor

Stars for the wet cleaning

Water extractor uClean PA-1455 KFG - wet vacuum by starmix

Wet vc uClean PA-1455 KFG

Pump vacuum cleaner with practical, application-oriented details.

Water extractor uClean PA-1455 KFG - wet vacuum by starmix

Wet vc uClean PA-1455 KFG

Pump vacuum cleaner especially for requirements of fire brigade and THW.

Water vacuum cleaner for professional use

Whether it’s for private or commercial use: the requirements for a water vacuum cleaner are high. Clean large areas or machines with great efficiency using a pump vacuum cleaner from starmix. Starmix water vacuum cleaners are characterised by their durability, robust processing, high wattage, safety for every type of application, and multi-functionality.

Compact and high performance

Starmix water vacuum cleaners are fitted with powerful MAST pumps that are, for example, used by fire brigades and emergency services. This allows us to ensure reliable performance along with top appliance quality. Functionality and performance are of course not the only priority; our appliances also provide safety in the form of reliable protection against electric shock for usage in wet environments. The powerful water vacuum cleaners take up very little storage space when not in use.

Water vacuum cleaners from starmix - versatility

The HS & GS series vacuum cleaners are multi-functional and can also be used as normal wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The pump can be removed with few simple steps and the water vacuum cleaner can then be used as a normal wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Retrofitting the appliance is even easier: simply purchase a single container for wet and dry vacuum cleaning. Now you can remove dirt, dust and water with one and the same appliance. The practical and usage-oriented equipment for the HS series vacuum cleaners make them suitable for commercial and private applications. The GS series vacuum cleaners have been further developed to meet the special requirements of the fire brigade and THW (Germany's Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and have a drain hose connection with a GEKA-C coupling. Both appliances have a max. delivery rate of 40 l/min with a delivery head of max. 6 metres and delivery distance of max. 50 metres. The water vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning pools or garden ponds, flat roof refurbishment and heating units as well as vacuuming up all non-flammable liquids in industrial and private applications.