GS-/HS- series



For coarse dirt or when things are particularly wet! Specially equipped with a tilted wheeled base and special accessories for cleaning large surfaces and machines, this appliance will truly make daily life easier. For water in the basement or for cleaning the pond, the built-in pump does sterling work.

Order no.
Power consumption (max.)Watt
Volume flow (max.)l/s
Vacuum (max.)mbar
Container volume (max.) Gross-Dust-Waterl
Sound leveldb(A)
Dimensions L/W/Hcm
Power cable lengthm
Water vacuum cleaner uClean PA-1455 KFG with integrated pump

Vacuum cleaner uClean PA-1455 KFG

55/50/43 (stainless steel) 
55 x 48 x 98 
8,0 (H07RN) incl. FI circuit breaker 
13 - 14 
Water vacuum cleaner GS PA-1455 KFG FW, wet-dry vacuum cleaner with mast pump

Vacuum cleaner uClean PA-1455 KFG FW

52 x 51 x 92,7 cm 
8,0 (H07RN) incl. FI circuit breaker 
13 - 14 

The advantages at a glance

  • Robust and durable
  • Highest power level
  • Particularly large containers
  • Tailored running gear


Powerful bypass motors with outputs of 2,400 to 3,600 Watts. The vacuum cleaner models have 2 or 3 motors! More flow volume is generated, thus achieving even better suction power.

Tilting running gear.

The vacuum cleaners in the GS series are equipped with tilting running gear and a comfortable push handle. A genuine help for demanding cleaning.

Net volume.

The volume is optimally used: the container can take up to 57l of dust and up to 50l of water.

Water stop.

Pneumatic water level detection. As soon as the maximum level is reached during wet vacuuming, the suction power is interrupted.

The starmix pump vacuum cleaners.

Pump vaccum cleaner advantages:

  • Drain hose connection with C-coupling
  • FI circuit breaker in the power supply lead
  • Special filter bags
  • Special application-oriented accessories
  • Pump can be completely removed and the container sealed. It is therefore possible to use the appliance as a normal wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Firefighter vacuum cleaner advantages:

  • Water pressure-tight Schuko socket
  • Water pressure-tight Schuko plug connector
  • Red suction and drain hose
  • Reflector safety stripes

Integrated pump/maximal delivery distance

The integrated boom pump pumps the extracted liquid out of the container. The maximum delivery distance in this respect is 50 meters with a maximum height difference of 3 metres.


Maximum pumping height/delivery height

The max. pumping height* is up to 1.5 meters if only water (without air) is sucked in - the pipe is completely under water (= full suction mode). The max. pumping height* is up to 8 metres if a mixture of water and air is sucked in (= slurp mode).