Trade vacuum cleaners and sweepers for professionals and private -

industrial vacuum cleaners and wet-dry vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of large surfaces, coarse dirt or special uses such as vacuum cleaning boilers or for vacuuming up large quantities of water.

With a broad range of accessory sets and features, the vacuum cleaners from starmix are optimally geared towards the professional cleaning sector. Even when removing liquids, you are well equipped with a starmix wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
You do not really know which vacuum cleaner is the right one for you? Have a look at our decision support, find your best device at a glance.

Industrial vacuum cleaner series uClean, for professionals

Vacuum cleaner series NSG uClean

The universally usable vacuum cleaner for professionals.

Industrial vacuum cleaner series GS/HS, for large areas

Vacuum cleaner series GS/HS

The big ones for special uses.

Industrial vacuum cleaner series eSwift, for workshop and garage

Vacuum cleaner series NTS eSwift

Compact all-purpose vacuum cleaners for hobby workspaces and workshops.

User reports

User reports

Starmix vacuum cleaners in the ultimate test. Users share their experiences.

Decision support

Decision support

Find out which vacuum cleaner is best suited to your needs.

One for all

The starmix sweepers and vacuum cleaners vor trade and private area, convince with numerous benefits. Highest quality made in Germany, innovative filter technology and ease of use with fun.

All vacuum cleaners of the uClean, eSwift and GS-/HS-series can be uses as a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. An additional filter for easy water absorption is included with most appliances in the scope of delivery. On the other hand pump vacuum cleaner can be used as a dry vacuum cleaner by the easy removal of the pump. So it's only one device necessary for many applications.