The patented solution for vacuuming directly next to the drill hole

This attachment for the vaccum pipe fits all regular household and industrial vacuum cleaners. It allows for completely safe, dust-free drilling in walls and ceilings without additional help from a second person. Impact resistant ABS-plastic (polypropylen).

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No dust residue on walls and wall coverings!


Suitable for
connector diameters
from 32 to 37 mm*

bohrfixx 2-Kammer-System


Flexible articulation
provides the optimum pipe position
and enables overhead work.


  Robust steel drilling collar
for all regular drills up to
14 mm diameter.



*Suitable for almost all regular vacuum cleaners. Even domestic vacuum cleaners can be connected to it. Warning: exceptions are vacuum cleaners with a filter cleaning system based on an "air-backwash principle"!