ISC „Compact“ Series

ISC L-1625

Whether for tough jobs in the workshop or on the construction site - the ISC with automatic pulse filter cleaning* (during work breaks) offers tried tested technology and quality for the use with high dust emission. For vacuuming directly at the electric power tool during drilling, milling, grinding and sawing, concrete, plaster, stone, cement, wood, paints and varnishes (not hazardous dust, dust class "L"). The new ISC is equipped with a high perfomance motor which brings out even more volumetric flow and vaccum than competitive engines. With the ISC high performance is combined with high flexibility, ergonomics and compact dimensions for optimal usable volume.  

Benefit: significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter life, complete cleaning and a constantly high air flow.

Spare parts

*"automatic pulse filter cleaning" = switches on the filter cleaning as soon as the minimum air flow is reached.

iPulse rotary vane: The conversion from a fleece filter bag to PE bags requires different air conditions in the container. The new starmix rotary vane provides an optimal dust-filling capacity.Containter that has been proven effective at construction sites: light but extremely stabile double-walled construction (25l). Smooth interior walls for easy emptying of dust, dirt and liquids. With a new container closure for a dust-free transport.Made in Germany
Order no.018744
Scope of delivery
Accessory setEW electric power tools (professional)
Additional filterno
Filter bag1 pc FBV 25-35, after sales art. no 411231 (5 pack)
Main filterFKP 4300 (polyester) dust retention 99,9%, art. no. 416069
Pulse filter cleaningyes, during work breaks
Appliance socketyes
Speed controlleryes, stepless
Filter control lightyes
Blowing functionno
Carry handle with cable hookyes
Hose fixingyes
Hose winding and connector fixtureyes
Volume flow selector switch / hose øno
Signal tone if volume flow is too lowno
Rotary slide for use of the PE emptying bagyes
Fastener for intake nozzleyes
Gentle startyes
Water level detectionyes
Antistatic preparedyes
Push handleno
Accessory storageyes
Container materialPlastic
Technical specifications
Power consumption (max.)1600 Watt
Volume flow (max.) measured at the motor head75 l/s
Volume flow (max.) measured at the end of the hose45 l/s
Vacuum (max.) measured at the motor head280 mbar
Vacuum (max.) measured at the end of the hose245 mbar
Container volume (max.) Gross-Dust-Water25/20/15 l
Sound pressure level69.0 db(A)
Dimensions L/W/H45 x 39 x 49 cm
Weight12.2 kg
Power cable length8,0 (rubber, H05RR-F), red m
Reach13,0 m
Adapterplatte UNIFIX


Adapter plate UNIFIX
Adapter for mounting tool boxes "Systainer" and "L-BOXX"

Not included in the scope of delivery, please order separately!