Dustfixx Pre-Separator

Pre-separator for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which is connected upstream of the vacuum cleaner

Large amounts of dust? No longer a problem for you!

DUSTFIXX - the extra protection for your vacuum cleaner

The pre-separator catches large quantities of dust and dirt particles before they reach the vacuum cleaner and its main filter - extending the service life of the filter and improving the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

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Accessory 1x connecting hose (set hose connect. DustFixx reorder no. 465951); 1x PE disposal bag (set FBPE 25l - 10 pcs. reorder no. 464756); 4x adapter pin for coupling on iPulse models (set adapter pin reorder no. 465944)
Degree of separation Wood dust > 99%; mineral dust > 90%
Height H with mounted connection hose 45 cm
Length of connecting hose 90 cm
Connecting hose diameter 49 mm
Max. separable particle size 20 mm diameter
Container volume (max.) 25 l
Dimensions 43 x 33 x 38 cm
Weight (with connecting hose) 4,1 kg


Cyclone technology for pre-separation of fine and coarse suction material

Transparent filling container for recognizing the filling level

Hose connection suitable for the ISP, ISC and uClean series as well as for many appliances from other manufacturers

Direct routing of the connecting hose via angled sleeves ensures a secure stand and ideal space conditions, even under the workbench

Metabox - mounting system for locking onto ISP suction cups with railing, Unifix adapter plate and all Metabox interfaces

Dust-free transportation - the container is sealed by connecting the inlet and outlet using a connecting hose

Comfortable to carry thanks to two handles positioned on the side

Simple, low-dust disposal via PE disposal bag

Antistatic - static charges in the suction hose are dissipated to the vacuum cleaner via the pre-separator and connecting hose 

Shelves for small parts on the top

Your health, your project, your success.

Protect what is important to you!

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