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ISC „Compact“ Serie

Rene S. (motor vehicle shop) about the Starmix ISC:

„The robust machine wins you over when vacuuming dust, dirt or even fluids. The flexibility of the vacuum cleaner while accomplishing tasks in the workshop is just irreplaceable - we're totally convinced by its abilities.“

Claus E. (master electrician). about the Starmix ISC:

„The unit must be right for me. Drill bit, slit miller, hand-held circular saw, electric plane, almost nothing is missed out - and I am delighted! My ISC vacuum cleaner: compact, powerful and unlimited suction capacity - my new star in the vacuum sky!“

Oliver W. (carpenter) about the Starmix ISC:

„I use the ISC for kitchen assembly, woodwork, bare brickwork ... The suction performance and the automatic filter cleaning exceeded my expectations. I'm more than satisfied.“

ISP „iPulse“ Serie

Wolfram H. (Wood works) about the Starmix ISP iPulse:

„The Starmix ISP iPulse ARM-1635 EW is a strong vacuum cleaner, surprisingly quiet and it works with a constantly high suction power. The automatic vibration of the filters is a fine thing. In my opinion a buying recommendation!“

Christopher T. (conversion and renovation) about the Starmix ISP iPulse:

„It's amazing what the vacuum can suck up. Even when grinding wood, nothing is left in the air. The entire 'package' is just superb and saves valuable time. I'm a huge fan of the iPulse. Nothing clears dust as effectively!“

Agron R. (paint shop K.) about the Starmix ISP iPulse:

„During grinding work on car parts, it is particularly useful that the equipment does not emit dust and the connected work tools do not turn off due to shaking. The equipment vacuums so well that we have completely switched over from other competitors to starmix.“

Philipp M. about the Starmix ISP iPulse:

„I have worked with many special vacuum cleaners, but none were quite as powerful. It is the first choice when it comes to vacuuming dust of class H asbestos.“

NSG „uClean“ Serie

Tim K. (renovations). about the new NSG uClean:

„With the uClean it is finally possible to store all the accessories on the vacuum cleaner. No wobbliness or falling over any more, and the carry handle is superb. The journey to the building site can sometimes be long and up steps, but this makes it much easier.“

Wolfgang D. (carpenter). about the new Starmix uClean:

„The new uClean is small, light and handy. Even perfect for works on the roof truss. Ideal for the cleaning of larger surfaces, corners, joints, but also for smaller jobs with the electric power tool.“

NTS „eSwift“ Serie

Stefan N. about the starmix eSwift:

„Your perfect accompanist round the house. Everything is vacuumed up completely, which makes both me and my wife very happy. Whether with or without filter bag - it all fits into the container!“